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Rattlesnake Mountain Skate Park

Rattlesnake Mountain Skate Park provides skateboard enthusiasts and avid skaters with 40,000 square feet of bowls, half pipes, street style banks, curbs and a 170-foot long snake run. There are 30 unique features in all. The skate park is "old school meets new school, something for every type and ability of skater". Some of the features include complex handrails, launch ramps, flat and round banks, "supertube", a pyramid and octagon launch ramp, a volcano, "tombstone", "bridge of death", and a backyard style pool. 

Idlewild Skate Park

Idlewild Skate Park provides over 13,000 square feet of skateboarding fun. The park caters to the intermediate/advanced skaters and is a popular place with youth and adults of all ages. It has two main areas, a hip with a horseshoe area four feet tall and a five foot deep bowl with a 60 foot long quarter pipe in between the two areas.

Silver Lake Skate Park

Built in 2002, Silver Lake Skate Park's 6,000 square feet of concrete provides beginner and intermediate skaters with street style elements. The park features rounded and squared three foot deep bowls and valleys, pyramid, plateaus and a raised berm on the east side. 

The park features a 7,500 square foot concrete ramp with modular steel skate components and is popular with neighborhood kids and teens.


Reno's skate facilities are unsupervised. Park hours are 7 a.m. -10 p.m. for lighted facilities; 7 a.m. to dusk at those facilities without lights. Users assume inherent risks by using skate park facilities, including, but not limited to serious personal injury and property damage. The City of Reno does not assume responsibility for injuries arising from any use of this facility. For more information contact Park Maintenance at 775-334-2270. See Rules & Code

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