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Discover Reno Tahoe

Let’s get down to Reno Tahoe business, shall we? You want some fun. You’re looking for some creative outlets that tickle your noodle. And your tastebuds. Perhaps there’s a shopping bag in your future? Or a spa session, because you’ve earned it. We have you covered. Spin through the following and see what’s in store for you and your crew. You’ll get first-hand details from travel bloggers, ambitious locals, and expert adventurers on how to get there, what to do, when to do it, and why you should consider doing it again (whatever that special “IT” is).

Bucket List Lake Tahoe

Your Dream Bucket List Adventure

Surfing a river, check. Epic bike rides, check. Your dream bucket list adventure, check. See Reno Tahoe like you've never seen it before through the eyes of travel experts Jess Wandering and Ever Changing Horizon. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. In Reno Tahoe, the sky's the limit.

Dream Big
Alex Chacon in Reno

72 Hours in Reno Tahoe

Short on time but looking for big fun? No problem. Alex Chacon, motorcycle adventure rider and selfie expert, has a guide to Reno Tahoe that will leave you breathless in all the best ways. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Take Me There
Renee Roaming Reno

Forge Your Own Path

Laid-back morning grabbing coffee along the Truckee River or whitewater rafting through downtown Reno? Cannonball off of a granite boulder into the clear waters of Lake Tahoe or rub elbows with locals in a true Wild West mining town? The choice is yours! Follow along and see how six travel bloggers and photographers forged their own path in Reno Tahoe.

Fuel Your Wanderlust
Reno Balloon Races

Soar To New Sights

The Biggest Little City is big on adventure. Downtown is just minutes from desert landscapes and the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains. Not to mention Lake Tahoe, called 'the fairest picture in all the land' by Mark Twain. Breathe deep and get your biggest little adventure started with local outdoor enthusiast and GoPro ambassador, Hannah Thornton.

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Let a Local Be Your Guide

Tahoe local Laura Lawson Visconti shows Seattle-based photographer Victoria Wright around Reno Tahoe for the first time. Laura didn't have to do much talking once they stepped out on their adventure, with the contrast of Reno’s quirky charm juxtaposed with the majesty of Lake Tahoe, Victoria was captivated immediately. Here’s how they spent 48 hours.

Photo Hot Spots
Blonde Abroad in Reno

Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway Guide

Kiersten Rich, better known as "The Blonde Abroad," and Courtney Scott are experts at finding the top destinations for women travelers. They've recently decided to make Reno Tahoe one of their stops to squeeze in some quality girl time in their busy travel lives.

Girls Trip

A Rock Star Vacation

Nathan Willet and Matt Maust from Cold War Kids take an easy trip to Reno Tahoe to find inspiration from the culture, art and adventures offered by the Biggest Little City in the World while on break from their World Tour.

Check it out
Biking Family Vacation

Redefine Your Family Vacation

If you are a family that loves the great outdoors and getting off the beaten path, then Reno Tahoe is the place for you! Christina McEvoy and her two young sons spent the week hiking, biking, swimming and bonding together as a family. As the saying goes, collect moments, not things!

Family Vacation