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This place - more than any other - rewards those who heed its call.

Discover Reno Tahoe

Let’s get down to Reno Tahoe business, shall we? You want some fun. You’re looking for some creative outlets that tickle your noodle. And your taste buds. Perhaps there’s a shopping bag in your future? Or a spa session, because you’ve earned it. We have you covered. Spin through the following and see what’s in store for you and your crew. You’ll get first-hand details from travel bloggers, ambitious locals, and expert adventurers on how to get there, what to do, when to do it, and why you should consider doing it again (whatever that special “IT” is).

1868 Soccer Off Days Hiking

Kick it on Your Off Days

Aww, the beloved day off. Whether it’s the weekend, a holiday or a well-deserved vacation, we know how precious your free time is. Haven’t decided how to spend your off day? We’ve got you covered! See what the players from Reno’s very own professional soccer team like to do when they aren’t playing. From floating the Truckee River to delicious burgers at Lake Tahoe, an off day in Reno Tahoe is an off day well spent.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Flume Trail

Your Bucket List Adventure

The bucket list – we’ve all got one. Travel-lovers Jess.Wandering and EverChangingHorizon had always dreamed of capturing the beauty that is Lake Tahoe on camera while engaging in adventure activities like biking the Flume Trail or surfing the Truckee River. We captured their adventure for you, so get out that marker because it’s time to start checking off some items from that bucket list.

Create That Bucket List
Group Selfie Mountains

Live Life Unfiltered

Heading to Reno with your adventure buddies? Follow the Outbound Collective and friends as they show you some of the best spots to explore in Reno Tahoe. From fly fishing and rock climbing to axe throwing and paddleboarding, this will be a trip for the books.

Adventure Starts Now
Girl and dog on paddleboard

Dog-Gone Good Times Ahead

So, we hear your best friend has four legs and is covered in fur. Yeah, ours too. Any trip to Reno Tahoe is a recipe for a dog-gone good time, and we’ve partnered up with outdoor enthusiast Arielle Shipe and her dog Tabor to show you all the best dog-friendly places. From epic vistas to dog-friendly hotels, this is the perfect adventure for you and your best friend.

Start Packing
Girl by truckee river at sunset

Follow the Light

Travel experts Christian Schaffer and Nathaniel Wise are always searching for their next perfect backdrop, and Reno Tahoe proved to be exactly what they were looking for. From cotton candy skies and the wide open desert to city murals and mountain top vistas, your camera will be the first thing you pack when planning your next trip to Reno Tahoe.

Grab Your Camera
Man and Cat hiking

Find Your Purr-fect Adventure

Looking for cat-puns? We’ll do one better. How about a river rafting, mountain biking, adventure seeking, outdoor loving cat? You read that right. Follow along with JJ Yosh and Backpacking Kitty as they explore Reno Tahoe in a paws-itively purr-fect way.

Girls Eating Brunch

Nevada's Hidden Gems

Reno Tahoe is a place full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. It’s a city filled with culture, delicious eats, endless views and nonstop action. But no need to take our word for it. See what hidden gems Joelle Friend and Christine Trans uncovered during their last visit, and why they can’t wait to come back and explore more.

Discover More
Craps Table

Calling All High Rollers

Are you the kind of person who is “all in?” For those who like to live life on the edge, this is the itinerary for you. Find high-stakes action at Reno’s awarding-winning casinos or get high, literally, by parasailing or sky diving over Lake Tahoe. The crew from Paradise are the type of people who like to go-big-or-go-home, so rally the herd and get ready for a wild ride.

Your Roll
Jimmy Beans Wool Reno

Finding Success in Reno Tahoe

It’s no secret anymore that Reno Tahoe is witnessing a rise in the growth of technology and craft culture. With that, female entrepreneurs are flourishing in Reno Tahoe, handcrafting locally-made goods for visitors and locals. Meet four inspiring boss babes who are hustling and succeeding right here in Reno.

Ambition Rewarded

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Some scroll through the day. Others seize it. Go do something crazy. And tag it #RenoTahoe so we can see it.
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