Lake Tahoe and Mountains

We Love a Party Crowd

Sure, you like to have a plan when you travel. After all, you don’t want to miss any of those must-do, must-eat or must-see spots. But sometimes it’s the unexpected and unplanned moments that lead to the best memories. So grab all of your best travel pals, let your curiosity take you down some unexpected paths and discover something new. Follow the adventure-seeking team from Paradise to get inspired to fill your travel itinerary to the brim, from sunrise to sunset. And beyond.

Off Road Driving Reno Tahoe

The Road Less Traveled

Looking for something different? Seeking the unexpected? Then don't be afraid to get a little dusty as you and your friends head down a dirt road in search of undiscovered wonders. This isn't the place to follow the crowds and there aren't any prizes around here for sticking to the status quo. So go ahead, put it in four-wheel drive and leave boredom in the dust.

Off Road Adventures
Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

Everything the Light Touches

Panoramic views abound in Reno Tahoe, and if you're willing to break a sweat you can find some truly incredible vistas that will make your Instagram feed the envy of everyone at home. Get up before the sun to catch the sunrise from a mountain peak, or take a midday hike to satisfy that inner wanderer. Whether your group of intrepid travelers is all about trekking through desert foothills or logging some serious elevation gains, that perfect trail is waiting for you.

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Lake Tahoe Stand-up Paddleboard

Hit the Water

300 days of sunshine mean that the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe are begging to be explored almost year-round. Spring, summer and fall are perfect for stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking along the lake's picturesque, boulder-riddled shoreline. A day at the lake is the perfect way to spend time with friends since there's truly something for everyone, from those who can't get enough of the water to those who prefer to stay on the shore and soak in sun.

Paddle On
Arts and Culture Downtown Reno

Uncover Urban Masterpieces

There's something in the air around here. An artistic energy that you can't help but notice. You'll find murals covering walls throughout downtown and Midtown, and Burning Man art fills open spaces around the city. As the home of vibrant events year-round and the gateway to Black Rock City, the Biggest Little City in the World is teaming with an eclectic mix of art and music. Grab your friends and get lost in Reno Tahoe's arts and culture scene.

Arts and Culture

Find Your Second Wind

This is the land of no last call. Literally. Once the sun goes down, Reno Tahoe channels its energy into rallying its way through some legendary nightlife. From clubs featuring the hottest artists to local breweries serving up craft beers for every palate, there's something for every variety of party animal.

No Last Call
Boating Lake Tahoe

Float Your Boat

The ultimate Reno Tahoe experience isn't complete with a day on the water, cruising through the blue water with the wind in your face and basking in the sun with your closest friends. Pack a lunch, slap on the SFP (Lake Tahoe is at 6,200 feet, after all) and plan a day of doing absolutely nothing but making memories.

Soak it Up

Find Your Paradise

Paradise Media is made up of creators and adventure seekers. Whether your paradise is a quiet coffee shop or cliff jumping into the waters of Lake Tahoe, Paradise takes you there. Follow along to see all of their epic adventures.

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