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Spring in Reno & Lake Tahoe

Time to Reignite Your Spirit

It’s not just flowers that flourish in the spring in Reno and Lake Tahoe. It’s where you can, too. Kick up some mud on the beaten paths — or conquer the leftover snow banks as you make your own way. Clip in and scale some crags in the sunshine (but without the scorching heat). Take advantage of the rising water levels and warmer weather as you cast a fishing line into Pyramid Lake.

Indoor spring activities are as abundant as the blossoming trees in our area. See a show, go roller-skating or challenge your problem-solving skills in a puzzle room. Whether you’re planning a trip for spring break or crave a change of scenery for a weekend, there are plenty of activities in Reno and Lake Tahoe.

With winter lingering in the mountains and summer knocking at the door in the valley, spring truly is the season when you can do it. What’s stopping you?

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