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Food Trucks in Reno Tahoe

Rev Up Your Appetite

Hop between windows of Reno food trucks for a sort of DIY 5-course meal. They're always out at events, like Food Truck Friday and Feed the Camel.

Get potsticker appetizers, a few street tacos from there, a cocktail from here, fish and chips from this one, and maybe an ice cream cone to top it all off. Try everything. These mobile eateries make it possible for you to experience a culinary adventure with convenience and ease.

Food trucks in Reno are for foodies. They’re also for families. For a group of friends who are each craving something different. For everyone who has a stomach to fill. That’s the power of street food — it brings people from all walks of life to the table.

What do you say? Let’s eat.

A glimpse Into the history of Reno food trucks

No, Mom, it’s not just a phase. Back in 2012, Steve Schroeder — now the owner of Reno Street Food and mastermind behind Food Truck Friday — worked with government officials at the City of Reno to bring the magic of street food to people living in Reno Tahoe. There were only eight food trucks in the whole city at that time.

It’s grown immensely. According to Roaming Hunger’s site, there are over 95 Reno food trucks operating today. And, if you can’t decide on just one kind of cuisine, there are plenty of opportunities to attend Reno food truck events.

Feed the Camel

Want a way to celebrate hump day? Go to Feed the Camel. Reno food trucks gather under Keystone Bridge and around the McKinley Arts and Culture Center on Wednesday evenings, starting at the end of May. Visit their Facebook page for more details. (There won’t really be any camels to feed… sorry.)

Feed the Camel

Food Truck Friday

Did ya know that Food Truck Friday is one of the top five largest weekly food truck events in the U.S.? That’s right. Swing by on a solo date or come with your friends, family, partner or fly solo to feast on street food, socialize and listen to live music. This event occurs between 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. on Fridays during the summer.

Food Truck Friday

Riverside Farmers Market

While this event has way more to offer, food is at its core. Riverside Farmers Market welcomes local vendors to sell goodies — everything from baked goods and breads to meat and freshly harvested produce. They are open year-round on Sundays, and several Reno food trucks attend to serve shoppers.

Riverside Farmers Market


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