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Here, every card is a little wild.


After paddleboarding the ever-clear waters of Tahoe, boutique shopping along the Truckee River, skiing a secret powder stash on the slopes or soaking up some sun during one of the 300 plus days of sunshine every year, you’ll quickly see how days fly by. Good thing once the sun goes down, our area channels its daytime energy into rallying its way through some legendary Reno Tahoe nightlife. After all, this is the land of no last call.

Reno Nightlife

There’s a noticeable change in Reno’s landscape when the sun goes down. Downtown’s atmosphere buzzes with a whole new pulse and energy that lasts well into the night. Reno nightlife stays up late. Some would say it never sleeps. Go out at any hour in the Biggest Little City and you’ll be sure to find that familiar sound of a good time.

Start your night at one of the many craft breweries and distilleries popping up throughout Reno Tahoe, where you can enjoy a cold one right from the source. There are also a host of craft cocktails bars throughout the city, each having their own unique air of sophistication and eclectic drink menus.

Head towards the neon lights of the casinos for a Reno nightlife experience like no other. It is more than just cards and dice these days, many casinos offer nightclubs, live music venues and 24-hour restaurants so you can keep the fun going all night long.

Looking for a more laidback night where you can grab some wings and cheer on your team? Check out our locally-owned sports bars and pubs.

Lake Tahoe Nightlife

Dust yourself off after a day in the mountains and experience how the Lake Tahoe area comes alive at night with everything from gaming to karaoke. There’s food, drinks of all varieties, dancing and not to mention the exciting events that take place year-round. Lake Tahoe nightlife always has something going on—from live concerts to festivals. It’s a good time that doesn’t stop until you drop, only to do it all again the next day.

So, what’s not to love about Reno Tahoe nightlife? There are so many things to do! We’ve got nightspots you can’t find back home. Closing times are ambiguous. “Last call?” What is that? Around here, you call the shots! Go on, get after it. Cheers!

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