Reno Tahoe Winter Activities

There is something magical about winter in Reno Tahoe. Maybe it’s the sight of fresh snow sparkling in the sunshine, the sound of skis racing down freshly-groomed runs or the wind in your face as you ride through the winter wonderland behind a dog sled team.

With our annual snowfall, it’s no surprise that we pride ourselves on our world-class ski resorts, but Lake Tahoe and Reno winter activities go well beyond chairlifts and corduroy ski runs. Anyone can play in the snow and enjoy Reno Tahoe’s winter activities even off the slopes. Maybe you’d prefer snowshoes or ice skates? Really, it’s just one big playground here, especially in the winter.

Reno Tahoe offers family-friendly winter activities such as snow parks and ice skating. For visitors that love animals, head on a thrilling dog sled journey or cozy up with loved ones in a horse-drawn sleigh—just like in your favorite holiday songs. The search for beautiful views is easier with a pair of snowshoes that will help you glide off the beaten path to panoramic vistas. And if you’re feeling the need for speed, but don’t want to ski, you can always take an exciting snowmobile tour.

Grab your warmest coat, a fuzzy hat and some cozy gloves – you’re about to head out for an adventure. Take a look below at all of the exciting Reno Tahoe winter activities that makes us a premier four-season destination—sunshine or snowfall.

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