Great Reno Balloon Race

UP, Up and Away!

Its the world's largest free hot air balloon festival.

The Great Reno Balloon Race

Soaring high above the Reno skyline in early September, upwards of 80+ beautiful hot-air balloons take flight for The Great Reno Balloon Race. It has been one of Reno’s most colorful and spectacular events for over three decades and is a world-renowned and locally beloved community tradition. Sure, it might be a bit earlier than you’re used to, but its worth the wake!

The event enchants both young and old with its vibrant colors and inspiring music. With an average of 120,000 spectators attending, the number of lives touched by the beautiful spectacle continues to rise just like the balloons themselves. Highlights include the mass ascension, glow shows, Dawn Patrol, special shaped balloons, vendors and a VIP tent for spectators who want to upgrade their experience.

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