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Rules of the Trail – Getting Outside Safely During Every Season

The coronavirus has changed a lot of things in our lives, including how we safely enjoy the outdoors during every season. Fortunately, Reno Tahoe has an abundance of trails and open spaces for hiking, snowshoeing and sledding so it’s possible to find solitude in the outdoors. But before you head out on your next spring adventure, please know and respect these new rules of the trail to help keep everyone healthy.

New Rules of the Outdoors – Staying Healthy on Reno Tahoe Trails

Check Before You Go

Most trails in Reno Tahoe have remained open but always check before you go since closures may vary between cities, counties, states and management entities. Services at trails and parks, such as visitor centers or restrooms, may be closed so plan accordingly. Please reference Washoe County Parks for the most up-to-date information.

Pack It In, Pack It Out

Even if there are trash cans at the trailhead and parking areas, there are fewer park staff and volunteer resources to maintain these. Keep the trails, beaches, sledding hills and open spaces clean by packing out anything you bring on your outdoor adventure including food wrappers, damaged equipment and other trash.

If you’d like to volunteer to help keep Reno Tahoe’s trails and waterways clean, there are several organizations that offer socially-distanced clean-up opportunities. Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, Keep Tahoe Blue and Clean Up the Lake are just a few nonprofits that rely on volunteers to keep our outdoor spaces clean for all of us who love to enjoy them.

Avoid Busy Times and Popular Trails

Reno Tahoe’s busiest trails, parks and open spaces are popular for a reason, but now is the perfect time to explore some lesser-known areas. If you arrive at your favorite trail and find the parking lot full, have a plan for exploring a different trail or come back at another time. Visit our Reno and Lake Tahoe hiking and biking pages for a list of trailheads in the area, find trails perfect for snowshoeing or snow parks to go sledding or tubing.

Proceed with Caution

Understand that some healthcare systems, especially in rural areas, might be overwhelmed so avoid dangerous activities. This means sticking to activities within your normal routine and taking proper precautions.

Be Considerate

We are all in this together! Remember to practice social distancing even on the trail and sledding hills – give others room to pass and respect any directional signage on trails. If you are feeling sick, please stay home to minimize the risk of exposing others.

Help park staff and volunteers by following these new rules of the trail. For more tips for recreating outdoors in a safe and healthy way, check out Leave No Trace Center and Washoe County Parks.

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