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Full Play Summer Camp

Damonte Ranch Perf Arts School (South Reno)
July 21, 2014 -July 25, 2014

Cost: $249 week (Includes script and makeup cost)
(For Veteran and Sibling discounts please contact us)     
Save $50 off full week registrations by registering online before June 9th, 2014
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What: When a package bound for Good Good Island is mistakenly delivered to Bad Bad Island, the Bad Bads find something frighteningly horrible inside: a little girl named Rosa! Unable to choose between throwing her into a volcano or tossing her into the sea, the creatures of the island finally agree that their ruler, The Idol, should decide. He challenges Rosa with a series of impossible tasks -- but what happens when she starts doing the impossible? This wildly inventive adventure shows that sometimes family and goodness can be found in the most unlikely of places.
Join us for a full week of fast paced and thrilling adventures as we bring to life "Good Good Trouble at Bad Bad Island"! Throughout the week we will cover everything that the young, aspiring actor needs to know. Actors will learn professional theater skills including ALL THE STEPS IN THE AUDITION PROCESS, character development and what goes on BEHIND THE SCENES IN THEATRE.  We will start at the beginning of a production by going through a full audition and finish with a performance for friends and family at the end of the week. KidScape Productions is a professional Life Skills and Acting program to develop self-confidence and communication skills; during this week we will use a full play as an exciting platform to instill these important life skills.   Students will learn from curriculum created at Juilliard in NYC and Yale School of Drama in CT. The curriculum was developed to strengthen important skills such as Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Presentation Skills, through the creative outlet of acting.
Our mission is to offer students tools to ensure participants become confident and articulate. Therefore becoming better equipped to develop successful relationships throughout their lives as well as succeed in all future goals.
KidScape Productions teaches students to develop skills to understand and enrich social relationships to create positive and confident individuals. The success in the process of learning and the outcome of the program will create students who have strong self-esteem preparing them for further success in school and family, success in business and personal relationships.   More information at:  [email protected]  775.787.3900 

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E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 775.787.3900


Damonte Ranch Perf Arts School (South Reno)

10500 Rio Wrangler Parkway Reno, NV 89521


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