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Reno Beer Crawl

Reno Beer Crawl

(775) 322-7373
Downtown Reno
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Feb 24, 2018

If you’re visiting Reno on the 4th Saturday of the month, you will inevitably, and luckily, enter the wacky world of the Reno Beer Crawl. Purchase a commemorative cup or glass and get drink specials at as many as 20 different locations. It’s an easy walk (or crawl) to each beer crawl location as they are all in the heart of downtown Reno. For the latest updates, check out their Facebook page.

1. Purchase Your Glass
For just $5, you get a wrist band, map & glass to use for $1 refills of 6 ounce samples (that’s half a beer folks!) at multiple downtown Reno locations. The event starts at one of these participating merchants.

2. Walk (or Crawl) to your favorite downtown bars
All the bars are downtown, so everything is walking or crawling distance. At 6:15pm, there will be a raffle at The Waterfall. Fill out your raffle ticket for a chance to win $25 gift certificates to participating taverns.

3. Be Cool, Follow the Rules!
Please keep the booze off the streets! Reno prohibits open containers in public places & fines heavily those who don’t obey. Please remember everyone is out to have a good time, so be cool like Fonzie!