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Cycling in Reno Tahoe


Reno Tahoe is the place for the cycling enthusiast! It's bike friendly with bike lanes through most cities and most of the interconnecting highways. Road cycling lovers will enjoy the bike lanes throughout Northern Nevada. The picteresque landscape and open cliff faces reminds one of the Pacific Coast Highway. If you're looking to get onto the beaten path, there are several mountain biking paths. Greg Lemond, former Tour de France champion, trained in Reno Tahoe.

The Tour de Nez has been the backbone of a cycling tradition here for the past 19 years. The Tour de Nez (which means Tour of Nose) is a stage-style ride reminiscient of the Tour de France. It's a widely recognized event that is more than just a race. It also encompasses side events that include races of varying levels for those who might not be professionals. There's also an event at the end for bicycling enthusiasts.