Redrun II - A Zombie Sequel

downtown Virginia City
October 11, 2014

REDRUN will take you on a 6 mile run of some of the most famously haunted locations in the world in Virginia City!  This is the most authentic Zombie run on the planet and the most fun you'll ever have with the undead and the living insane coming after you. 

This six mile run will take you through "dead" zones, obstacles and revive stations as the undead try to grab your flags and the living insane pelt you with color bombs.  Thankfully, the Revive stations are safe zones where runners can relax, enjoy the music, grab a beer, water, sports drink or even more flags (if they are available).
Register as a single runner or as a team (4pp minimum for teams) and experience some of the most haunted places in the living ghost town of Virginia City:  the Graveyard, China Town, the original Virginia Truckee Railroad Station, the railroad tunnel and downtown Virginia City.   For a map of the 2013 run route, click here.
This run will not be timed; you just need to finish... alive, which means crossing the finish line with at least 1 flag in hand.  If you can't cross the finish line with a flag, you will be considered deceased with the option of entering the mortuary tent where professional makeup artists can resurrect you as a Zombie.
Don't want to run?  You can still participate in the mayheim by registering as a zombie or as a living insane.  Included in your registration is access to a team of professional makeup artists who will transform you before the race begins. 
When the run ends, the party begins. Zombies will take over downtown Virginia City including locals, shop owners, participants and tourists. The Zombie Manifestival will feature a Live DJ, vendors, food, dancing and costume contests.

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