Reno Rodeo

Artown Encore Presents The Idan Raichel Project

Grand Sierra Resort & Casino
October 13, 2013

7:30 PM


In 2003, an unusual song began airing on Israeli’s popular radio stations. With its haunting chorus in the Ethiopian language of Amharic and an exotic, global fusion sound “Bo’ee” became an instant crossover hit that catapulted The Idan Raichel Project to the top of Israel pop charts and turned a young dreadlocked keyboardist and producer into a household name in his native land.
Soon, The Idan Raichel Project would become known around the world for its ambitious cross-cultural collaborations that changed the face of Israeli popular music and offered “a fascinating window into the young, tolerant, multi-ethnic Israel taking shape away from the headlines” (Boston Globe).
Artown Encore 2013-2014
Carrying on the diversity of event offerings, the Encore series expands Artown outside July bringing in national-level headliners for an incredible line-up of dynamic performances. Presenting a diverse array of artists that may otherwise not visit Reno, Encore expands the local horizons of art and culture while providing the community the opportunity to experience new genres of music, dance, theater and other art forms.


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