The Eldorado Coffee Company

The Eldorado Coffee Company
345 N Virginia St, Reno, NV, United States Get Directions
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Try one of the Eldorado’s freshly roasted on-site blends. The Eldorado Coffee Company, located just outside of Millies24, was established in April of 1992.

The Eldorado was proudly the first hotel in the United States with its own coffee roaster and full-scale gourmet coffee program. For roasting, the Eldorado strives to use only the highest quality green, Arabica coffee beans available. Only the best coffees are used from no less than nine countries worldwide, including Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Indonesia and the United States.

Not only can you drink the best coffee at the Eldorado, but you can purchase it at a great price. You will find that the Eldorado’s prices for coffee beans are much lower than other gourmet coffee houses and the “deluxe” coffees in your grocery store. Compare the quality prices with any premium coffee and you’ll find yourself just outside Millies24 picking up your favorite roaster-fresh coffee.

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