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Holey Moley! A Local’s Guide to the Best Donut Shops

Abbey Kay is a local blogger and product photographer who loves Reno and all of its places to have fun. She is obsessed with donuts and coffee, and enjoys taking photos of both all around town. She has a passion for showing people her hometown and all it has to offer.

There’s just something about indulging in a donut that takes you back to your childhood and feels oh-so-right. Reno and Sparks are lucky enough to have many different types of donut places for every kind of donut lover. Whether you want one covered in cereal or pink icing, or prefer to have a vegan or gluten-free treat, Abbey Kay knows exactly where to go in order to satisfy your sweet tooth. Follow along and find your next favorite sweet treat!

The Jelly Donut

Reno is a 24-hour city, so it makes sense to have a 24-hour donut shop too. The Jelly Donut is known for being open whenever your cravings hit. Their chocolate cake donut is too good to pass up any day, or night!

Donut Bistro

If you’re a fan of crumb or jelly filled donuts, then this is your shop to check out. Donut Bistro makes all the classics the right way, offer different flavors of donut holes, & even sell “cherry burritos.” A pink box filled with a dozen is the only way to go at this local shop.


Are you living a gluten-free lifestyle? Coffeebar, a local coffee shop & bakery, has gluten-free donuts from another local bakery in town so you won’t miss out on the donut action. They have maple, chocolate and red velvet donuts with a more cake-like/hard icing combo. Try them alongside a mocha and it’ll become your next favorite duo.

Rounds Bakery

A croissant and a donut baked together in one make for the most delicious thing you will ever eat, and at Rounds Bakery is where you’ll find just that. You can get cake, raised and croissant donuts in every flavor imaginable. No matter which kind is your go-to, you can’t order wrong when you stop inside this bakery.

DoughBoys Donuts

DoughBoys has the lightest and fluffiest glazed raised donuts Reno has to offer. With multiple locations across Reno, you can easily pop in to try their famous blue icing covered Wolf Pack claw, in honor of the University of Nevada, Reno’s mascot, or their rectangular-shaped donut “holes.” Either way, you will most definitely be satisfied.

Be sure to follow Abbey Kay on Instagram to see all of her Reno adventures and check out her round treats with the tag #abbeykaysdonuts.

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