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Celebrate Pi Day in Reno Tahoe

Celebrate Pi Day in a big way this year! No, don’t just brag about how many decimal places you have memorized… the record is 70,000 decimal places, by the way. There’s no better way to appreciate the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter by grabbing some pi(e) at some of these local spots.

Enjoy a Pizza Pie

If, like many of us, Pi Day is just a great reason to dig into a delicious, cheesy pizza, then check out any of these local favorite pizza shops. Whether you want to sample a slice (or two) at Wild Garlic or Noble Pie Parlor, love a classic pie in an equally classic setting at Pub n’ Sub or prefer to build your very own custom pizza at Mod Pizza or Blaze Pizza, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. And it’s Pi Day, so why not have pizza for every meal?!

Sweet Treats at Homage

Located in downtown Reno, Homage is a boutique bakery and coffee shop known for its skill, creativity and of course, delicious pie! Celebrate Einstein’s birthday (fittingly also March 14) and Pi Day by Homage to marvel at their selection of pies, they are offering unique pies only available for Pi day. Enjoy a bergamot orange chess pie or  the sweet and savory blueberry brie pie, only available on March 14. So be sure to get an order in while they last. Pre-order a large pie if you’re in the mood to share, or stop by early for a mini 3″ treat just for yourself.

Pi Day 5K

Looking for another way to celebrate the day, and maybe burn off that pie from earlier? The Moon Joggers are hosting a virtual 5K to celebrate this mathematical constant. Participants can complete their 5K (or 3.14 mile) run on the route of their choosing at any time in March – though extra kudos are warranted if you complete your miles on Thursday, March 14. Learn more and register here.

Cover Photo: Noble Pie Parlor 

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