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Celebrate Pi Day in Reno Tahoe

Celebrate Pi Day in a big way this year! No, don’t just brag about how many decimal places you have memorized… the record is 70,000 decimal places, by the way. There’s no better way to appreciate the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter by grabbing some pi(e) at some of these local spots.

Noble Pie Parlor

Visit one (or both) of Noble Pie Parlor‘s locations in MidTown and downtown Reno on March 14 to enjoy a slice of cheese pizza for only $3.14 and then wash it down with a $3.14 Modelo. If you’re a bit hungrier, $31.41 gets a 20-inch specialty pizza plus two Modelo drafts or wells.


Located in downtown Reno, Homage is a boutique bakery and coffee shop known for its skill, creativity and of course, delicious pie! Honor the life of Pi and stop by Homage to marvel at their selection of pies, from savory egg-custard quiche to sweet apple served with house-made caramel.

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Pi Day Fun Run

Looking for another way to celebrate the day? Join the Tahoe Mountain Milers for their Pi Day Fun Run at Korean Veteran’s Memorial Park in Carson City. The run distance is 3.14 miles and the runner who finishes closest to 31 minutes and 41 seconds will win a pie! More details here.

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