Why the World Can’t End on 12-21

With all due respect, Mayan calendar creators… it just can’t end Friday! Between Mother Nature DUMPING snow in Tahoe all week – and it’s predicted the best is yet to come on Saturday, and legendary parties – that we all know just get started at midnight… there are too many reasons the world needs to keep turning. Nonetheless, Reno Tahoe USA will still be partying like there is no tomorrow!

End of the World Party at EDGE

If the world ends on 12/21, we’re going out with a bang! Join EDGE for Last Call. They’ll have Ciroc drink and bottle specials all night, and models serving tastings of complimentary champagne.

End of the World Party at Grand Sierra

Will the world end on 12/21/12? Will it be Zombies? Aliens? Asteroids? A terrible storm? If so, wouldn’t you want to go out in style? Come see Anthony Cools, win Apple products, and enjoy great drink specials before the world ends. This will be the party to end all parties!

End of the World Party at Tahoe Biltmore

Party like there is no tomorrow. The Tahoe Biltmore is throwing an “End of the World Party,” complete with “Last Supper” dinner deals, and a “Survive the Apocalypse” Bilty Breakfast. Bass Heavy will be providing tunes through the night.

Ugly Sweater Party at BuBinga

The Mayans said the world would end on December 21…The Mayans didn’t know BuBinga was having an Ugly Sweater Party! The Ugliest Sweater wins $500 cash and the great sounds for the night will be provided by DJ Loczi, Romance and DJ Dragon.

Bet on being at Peppermill after Friday with 40% off select room rates!

Peppermill is betting they’ll still be here on December 22, so they’re celebrating a new beginning with an offer for 2013.  Book your stay before midnight on Friday, December 21, and save 40% on select room rates! Book Now


There is no way the world could end right as Mother Nature DUMPS snow in Tahoe!! M.N. has too much pull…See you on the slopes 12-22!

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