West Street Market set for July kickoff

Images provided by City of Reno

Reno’s new “West Street Market,” located between First and Second streets, in the downtown redevelopment corridor, will officially open for business in July, according to city officials, with outdoor businesses. Indoor businesses will open in October.

Potential tenants
Brickhouse Bakery, Wine Bar, Great Basin Community Co-op (produce), Mikonos, Se7en Tea House & Bar, La Marenda, Downtown Marketplace & Deli, Great Basin Basket CSA, Nevada EcoNet, Sundance Books, Silver Trends Jewelry and Jada’s Jewels.

The market is designed to operate as a pedestrian center and gathering point in downtown Reno, with a focus on homemade, fresh and local.

Wednesdays: Evening “Eco Market” produced by Nevada EcoNet
Fridays: Evening “Artist Market,” with programs designed by the Holland Project
Saturdays: A morning farmer’s market

In addition to regularly scheduled events, the market is expected to play host to special events, concerts, demonstrations and festivals.

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