Leap Year Libations, Lift Tickets and Luxuries

Understanding a holiday centered on inserting an extra day into the calendar year, and then taking it out for 3 years, but not on years divisible by 100, unless they’re evenly divisible by 400, all so the vernal equinox (aka full moon) remains on or close to March 21, is quite the quizzical concept. But now that you have the gist, plus information that can only be used in leap year pick-up lines, let’s move forward with how Reno Tahoe celebrates most holidays – parties and discounts!

3323405715_ac8c86423dMasquerade Bash at Aura Lounge

Enter this sleek and sophisticated soiree for just $10, or wear a mask and get in for $7. Don’t have a stash of masks lying around the house? A professional face painter will be painting masks throughout the evening. If wearing a decorated mask doesn’t boost your ego, liquid courage will finish the trick. Sip secret recipe concoctions of themed drinks; including, Phantom, The Ball and Jester.

$29 Leap Year Lift Tickets at Diamond Peak

Savor your extra day on the slopes! Diamond Peak is celebrating the day by offering $29 all day tickets. (Only valid 2/29/12)

$29 room night at John Ascuaga’s Nugget

Leaping on to a luxury hotel bed is so much sweeter when the price is cheaper! Take advantage of this one night rate of $29 on February 29th only.

$29 Leap Year Tickets at Alpine and Squaw Valley

$29 Leap Day tickets are on sale until 2/28 at midnight! Enjoy those freshies on Leap Day!

Eldorado Leap Year Savings email

Celebrate Leap Year with savings! Be sure to sign up to receive their emails… you won’t want to miss the Leap Year Savings email tomorrow. Sign up by midnight 2/29.

Garage Boys at The Brew Brothers

The Garage Boys are a high energy band based out of Vegas playing at The Brew Brothers Feb 29 – March 4. Show starts at 10pm.

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