Jetman to Perform at the 50th Annual Reno Air Races this Summer

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no, it’s not superman… it’s JETMAN!

marie-dominique-schenk_img_0226Jetman is headed to the National Championship Reno Air Races, September 11-15, to WOW the audience at the air race’s 50th anniversary.

Almost everyone has dreamed they could fly at least once in their life. Jetman made this dream a reality.

In 2006, the Swiss pilot Yves Rossy became the first and only man in the history of aviation to fly with a jet-propelled wing, and still is to this day.

From soaring over the Alps, to weaving through the Grand Canyon, to crossing the English Channel, his “jetwing” powered performance is a sight to see. Jetman can reach speeds of 150pmh, and plans to hit top speeds at the Reno Air Races this September.

The 50th anniversary of the Reno Air Races will be more impressive than ever – save the dates now!

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