Chinwagging and Wine at the Galena Creek Visitor Center

Galena Creek Visitor CenterGalena Creek Visitor Center is kicking off a new environmental discussion series, Chinwagging and Wine, Friday, January 28 from 7-9 p.m. At this discussion series we’ll be learning about the work and research of local environmental academics, researchers, and professionals. After each presentation, we’ll be discussing the importance of this work in our ever more environmentally conscious world in a friendly atmosphere over wine and cheese.

For our first event, learn about the ground we walk on with Dr. Dale Johnson, a soil scientist with University of Nevada, Reno! Dr. Johnson will be presenting his research, which explores the relationship between soils, nitrogen availability, post-fire erosion events, and cheatgrass. After the talk, we’ll be discussing the value soils research in order to better understand how to best conserve our soils and potentially starve out problematic invasive plant species, and the importance of soil health in times of a growing global population.

21 and older please. Advance registration is required.  $10/person donation strongly encouraged. To register for this event, or for more information, please contact the visitor center at: (775) 849-4948 or by email at:

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