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Reno Tahoe Snowshoeing

Reno Tahoe is home to some of the most beautiful and invigorating views in the world, so don’t let the cold weather keep you indoors. For those of you who enjoy exploring the alpine on foot, snowshoeing in Tahoe has evolved into a winter activity anyone can enjoy! You can follow an established trail, or opt to forge your own trail through the fresh snow.

Snowshoeing Lake Tahoe

When snowshoeing around Lake Tahoe, you won’t want to forget your camera to capture all the action, scenic landscapes and even wildlife interactions like when you hike Chickadee Ridge, where you can hang out with our friendly birds. You’ll have your very own fairy tale moment! Snowshoeing Mount Rose gives you the best of both worlds, with views of both Lake Tahoe and Reno.

In addition, many Lake Tahoe area ski resorts and local outdoor retailers have snowshoe rentals, repairs and guided snowshoe tours. For those who are new to snowshoeing or are looking for a new adventure, check out Snowshoeing Reno, Northstar California, Palisades Tahoe, Tahoe Snowshoe Tours, Snowshoe Tahoe or Tahoe Adventure Company. If you’re looking for an even more magical winter experience, Sierra State Parks Foundation offers full moon snowshoe tours so check out their calendar for dates throughout the winter.

Snowshoeing in Reno

If making the trek to the Lake Tahoe area isn’t on the agenda for your adventure, snowshoeing in Reno is also a great option. A quick 20-minute drive from downtown Reno, Galena Creek Park offers several easy to moderate trails and is pet-friendly year-round. The views are beautiful in any season, but they are especially striking when the pine trees are blanketed in snow.

Check out our suggestions of snowshoeing trails in the Reno Tahoe area for the taking!

Winter Hiking in Lake Tahoe and Reno

Winter hiking in the Lake Tahoe and Reno areas is a great way to experience outstanding snowy views of the Sierras. The beauty of the winter months in the Reno Tahoe area is that while we often have thick blankets of snow in the mountains, the valley and foothills typically see far less snowfall. This contrast means that many times winter hikes do not require snowshoes. Although, marked trails are sometimes difficult to find or may be covered in snow, so look to our guide of hiking trails for maps and more information.

Every season in the Reno Tahoe area is perfect for hikers of every level. Whether you are taking part in a guided winter snowshoe hike or exploring on your own, make sure you take the necessary precautions to assess risks and hazards. This includes packing the proper equipment like trekking poles and wearing winter hiking clothing.

If you prefer a little less snow on the trail but still want wintry views, Hidden Valley County Park Trail and  Huffaker Park Lookout Trail are great options for winter hiking that usually don’t require snowshoes.

There are many other snow activities in the Reno Tahoe area. Check out more Lake Tahoe winter activities and get started on planning your winter adventure.

Don’t forget your camera to capture all of those #RenoTahoe moments!

Snowshoeing Lake Tahoe FAQ

Got a question? We’ve got the answers. Check out the most frequently asked questions below about snowshoeing Lake Tahoe.

Where Can I Snowshoe in Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe seems to have an endless list of places to snowshoe. Here are a few of our favorites:

Where Can I Snowshoe in the Truckee Area?

In addition to great snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe, Truckee offers several snowshoeing destinations that are hard to beat:

What Should I Wear for Snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe?

If you are snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe, it’s best to dress in breathable layers of clothing that will keep you warm but will also allow you to shed layers if you start to get too warm. A water-resistant jacket, a warm beanie or earmuffs, snow pants and waterproof gloves are also strongly recommended. Of course, snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe also requires a set of snowshoes, and poles are a good idea for balance on uneven terrain. There are several places available to rent snowshoes around Reno and Lake Tahoe.

Where Can I Rent Snowshoes in Reno and Lake Tahoe?

Here are some great places to rent snowshoes in Lake Tahoe, no matter what part of the lake you are visiting:

North Lake Tahoe

  • Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Snowboards (Kings Beach, Truckee and Tahoe City)
  • Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area
  • Village Ski Loft
  • Epic Mountain Rentals

Is Snowshoeing Harder Than Hiking?

Wondering if snowshoeing is difficult, or how it compares to hiking? The beauty of snowshoeing is that you don’t need a lot of special equipment and you can start out on mellow terrain. The premise of snowshoeing is much like hiking, but it might take a few strides to get used to the wide snowshoes on your feet. It can be a bit more challenging than hiking, especially if you are in deep snow or navigating hilly terrain, but overall it’s an activity that almost anyone can do. Snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe is a very rewarding experience and a great way to experience the beauty of winter.

Looking for a more challenging adventure? Check out our guide to backpacking the Sierras.

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