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Your Guide to Northern Nevada Hot Springs

    When it comes to pampering yourself with a spa day, there are plenty of luxurious options to choose from in Reno Tahoe. But if you’re seeking something a little more on the wild side, a trek to one of the many Northern Nevada hot springs might be just what you’re looking for. With options ranging from hot spring resorts to remote natural pools, it’s time to discover the hot springs near Reno Tahoe that are calling your name.

    Ground Rules

    So you want to embark on a Reno Tahoe hot springs adventure? From the Reno Tahoe area to the Black Rock Desert, be ready for an experience much different than a day of spa treatments at a downtown resort. But don’t worry, with some preparation, you’ll be a hot spring junky in no time. Just keep these things in mind before you visit any hot springs in Northern Nevada.

    • Dress accordingly. Depending on the area, you may have to walk the last stretch to the hot spring, and the desert isn’t easy terrain to navigate. Wear shoes suitable for walking through mud and sagebrush. After your soak, you’re probably getting out of that warm, welcoming water into chilly air so bring an extra suit and/or a change of warm, dry clothes. Towels, robes and even blankets are popular post-soak accessories to keep you warm on the way back to the car.
    • Speaking of dress. Northern Nevada hot springs are often located in remote areas where there isn’t a dress code, making clothing optional a sort of unspoken understanding. Don’t be shocked to find others soaking sans suits. Proceed with whatever your mood and comfort level.
    • Share and share alike. Since many hot springs in Nevada are located on public land, that means everyone is lucky enough to be able to enjoy them. Which is awesome, but since they’re open to the public, that also means it’s good practice to share the space with others who want their turn in the water. So be kind, share the parking areas and soaking tubs or pools, and most importantly, have fun.
    • Better than you found it. Pack out everything you pack in and be respectful of these beautiful places that so many get to enjoy. There’s nothing worse than planning and driving, only to find that corner of wild zen trashed by someone else’s carelessness. If you do find other people’s trash, do yourself a karmic favor and pack it out too!
    • Thou shall not pass. Not ALL hot springs in Reno Tahoe are on public land, and if you decide to go in search of hot springs not listed below, be mindful of fences and private property boundaries.
    • Share - but not too much. Your Instagram feed might be overrun with likes and comments when you share your hot spring experience, but there’s a bit of an unspoken rule - no geotagging. Part of the fun is researching and finding these remote hot springs. Inspire others to seize the opportunity for adventure, but don’t give away all the secrets!
    • Safety first. These hot springs are naturally-fed, meaning the temperature can vary by season, or even day-to-day. Always check the water temperature, and if you decide to bring your furry best friend, please keep them safely secured, away from hot water sources.
    • Nevada is home to more than 300 natural hot springs, and part of the fun is doing your research, rallying the troops, and venturing into the unknown on public lands in search of the perfect pool. Many Nevada hot springs can be found with a simple Google search, or TravelNevada is another great resource. Happy trails!

    Reno Hot Spring Resorts

    If a bit more of a 'civilized’ experience is what you seek, visit one of the Reno hot spring resorts in the area.

    Steamboat Hot Springs

    For a truly spa-like experience, Steamboat Hot Springs offers facial treatments, massage services, and more, in addition to the traditional hot spring services.

    This hot springs resort sources its geothermal mineral water from a spring on-site, directly into the soaking tubs. Choose from several soaking options, including private mineral baths with aromatherapy, outdoor soaking tubs or the geothermal steam room. Steamboat Hot Springs also offers detox therapy, Ayurvedic treatments and sonotherapy.

    Carson Hot Springs

    South of Reno, in Carson City, Carson Hot Springs offers their guests a large, outdoor pool and smaller, jetted tubs fed by hot mineral water. The location also offers guest a rich history.

    Before the resort was built, Carson Hot Springs was originally used by settlers who were traveling to the California Gold Rush region. In 1880, the land was purchased by Thomas Swift, named “Swift’s Hot Springs,” and opened with bathhouses, a hotel and clubhouse. After a few more changes in name and owners, the land was finally dubbed “Carson Hot Springs” in 1910.

    Throughout the 1930s-and 1940s, the resort became a happening place for dancing to Big Band music. Throughout the rest of the century, people continued to flock to Carson Hot Springs to soak in the water, receive water therapy and even enjoy exercise programs.

    Today, Carson Hot Springs offers several varieties of soaking tubs, including an outdoor concrete pool and smaller indoor tubs. The resort also has an on-site restaurant, Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint, and Shoe Tree Brewing.

    1862 David Walley's Resort

    Hot springs flow through 1862 David Walley’s Resort, located in Genoa with sweeping views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and Carson Valley. The resort offers steam rooms and mineral spas, as well as massage and body treatments for a true spa experience.

    Soak in the outdoor pool, where the water is sourced from David Walley’s seven natural mineral springs. When you get hungry, visit the 1862 Restaurant & Saloon, located on-site, and enjoy meals including filet mignon, aged steak, grilled salmon and more.

    The resort is also full of entertainment for guests of all ages, including children’s activities, a playground, ping pong tables, volleyball and billiards. Choose between a studio, one- to two-bedroom villages, or rent an entire cottage.

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