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The Ultimate Guide to Reno Thrift Stores

Reno’s thrift shopping scene is nothing short of incredible. With all the different second-hand shopping options in downtown and MidTown, you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet when you’re shopping for a unique style, and it’s good for the environment too! From funky fur boots to vintage band tees, Reno has what you need. Express your true self with finds from one of these thrift store hot spots.

The Best Thrift Stores in Reno

The variety of thrift stores in Reno make it the perfect place to stumble upon your next must-have find. There’s something to discover on every colorful clothing rack and eclectic shelf.

Whether you are a savvy thrift shopper looking for a great deal on some high-quality items, on the hunt for the perfect piece to show off your style or just killing time after brunch, you’re sure to have a great time browsing the racks.

MidTown Reno Thrift Shops

Reno’s growing MidTown District is home to some of the city’s most dazzling thrift shops.

Just south of MidTown inside Reno Public Market, you’ll find local favorite Junkee Clothing Exchange, which is jam-packed with quality second-hand clothes and affordable antiques and furniture. It’s also the perfect place to stop before your next over-the-top costume party or to pick up Burning Man outfits before you head to the Black Rock Desert.

Reno Thrift Stores

It’s like stepping back a decade or two whenever you walk inside Bad Apple Vintage. Its cool 90’s vibes are present and felt throughout the store with its vintage tees, patterned button-ups and colorful selection of fun-shaped sunglasses. Sparkly boots? They have them. Mull through the racks and I promise you’ll find the perfect throwback look that fits your personality and style.

A favorite among Burning Man attendees, The Melting Pot World Emporium prides itself as “Reno’s Coolest Counter Culture Store” since 1996. You name it, The Melting Pot has it. From cutting-edge couture, tribal and casual streetwear to accessories and home décor, the emporium really lives up to its name as “The Melting Pot.”

Thrift Shops Near Downtown Reno

Reno Thrift Shops

The Nest offers some of the best vintage clothes, home décor and furniture you can find in town. They have styles from every era and it’s all locally sourced, meaning shop owner, Tessa, personally goes out and finds the items she sells in her shop. Vintage cowboy boots, wedding dresses, sheer kimonos, hats of all kinds, sweaters, coats, scarves and more – you can find any item in her unique shop for any occasion.

Thrift Stores in South Reno

Just a short drive south on I-580, thrift stores in south Reno await, with even more great finds and deals to discover.

Bring clothes in to sell, get money on the spot, then shop and leave with new-to-you items! Plato’s Closet is the perfect place to find shoes, clothes and accessories that are in trend at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re putting a look together for a night out or a costume party, you can find everything you need right here for less than you think.

Looking for a place where high-end second-hand pieces can be bought and sold? If you’re into name brands, then you’ll want to check out Clothes Mentor. You can find wallets and handbags from Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Coach, Burberry and more, alongside clothes from brands like H&M and Gap. They have a wide selection of pieces to choose from for everyday use or for special occasions, trips and events!

Visiting Thrift Stores in Reno, NV and Beyond

Whether you are looking for a vintage one-piece ski suit to take onto the slopes or a fringe leather jacket and metallic boots for the Playa, Reno thrift stores will help you fill your suitcase. You may even need to buy a vintage one to bring all the goodies home.

Abbey Kay is a local blogger and product photographer who loves Reno and all of its places to have fun. She is obsessed with donuts and coffee and enjoys taking photos of both all around town. She has a passion for showing people her hometown and all it has to offer.

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