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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Shopping

Research says it takes about 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make one pair of blue jeans. This hits us deep because not only is Reno Tahoe the birthplace of blue jeans, but we are also taking a stance on sustainable tourism including eco-friendly shopping. What is eco-friendly shopping? We have categorized it as retail shops also dedicated to protecting the environment and its people. This could be a B-Corp, someone who practices stewardship or sells recycled or used clothing.


This entry shouldn’t be a surprise. Patagonia was founded on the idea of appreciating all life on earth and doing what they can to protect it.  Part of their mission is to make clothing that you can wear everywhere and every day. It’s stylish, practical, and will last forever. And if your jacket does rip, well, bring it in for a repair instead of buying a new jacket. They are a certified B-Corp and their business is to save our home planet. Shop Patagonia Outlet located in downtown Reno.


Another certified B-Corp, bigtruck is a hat company located in Truckee. They specialize in trucker hats and co-branding with local awesome companies like us! They are also activists for larger social issues like equality and inclusion and have a program called bigtruck gives back. When you buy a hat, you help fund a free custom hat for patients in Renown Children’s Hospital or shop their cause collection and show your support for important movements. You can visit their shop in Truckee, shop online, or catch ‘em at one of our fantastic events like Reno River Fest or Northern Nevada Pride.

Davidson’s Tea

A direct-from-garden tea company, Davidson’s Tea is located right here in Reno and specializes in organic and fair-trade teas, herbs, spices, cocoa and more. While they don’t have a storefront, you can shop their product at Great Basin Co-op or order from them online. Davidson’s prides itself on being an environmentally friendly tea producer. Their organic farms don’t use any harsh chemicals and their methods protect our precious water resources from harmful contamination.

Strange Bikinis

A locally-owned bikini company, Strange Bikinis specializes in sustainably made swimwear. Strange Bikinis uses a type of fabric that makes their swimwear completely biodegradable within three years after the wearer no longer has a need for it. They pride themselves on being completely transparent and open with their customers about how their suits are made from the location the fabric comes from to the production and manufacturing process and all the sustainable efforts in between. They also practice inclusivity, promote body positivity, and give back to their community by hosting local trash pick-ups. You can visit their store on Dickerson Road.

No-Waste and Refill Shops in Reno

Avoid throwing containers in the trash when you shop at one of Reno’s no-waste shops. The Waste Less Shop is located at the Village at Rancharrah and features home and body care products, as well as lots of gift ideas and even special items for your pets. The shop has an upscale feel and includes both a refill bar with soaps, body washes, lotions and homecare products, along with sustainably-packaged items. Next to the Truckee River, in the Basement, is Replenish Refillery & Gift. They sell a variety of gifts, self-care items and products for your home. Their products are natural and use minimal packaging. They also have a refill station offering a wide selection of products, ranging from shampoo and body wash to laundry powder and household cleaners.

Vintage and Second-Hand Stores

Vintage and re-sale stores speak for themselves and sustainability, and Reno has an awesome collection of thrift shops where you can nab some epic vintage or re-sale wear.

Labels Consignment Boutique – Located in downtown Reno, Label Consignment Boutique specializes in high-end designer-label clothing & accessories. Save your wallet and the environment.

Junkee – Only one of the coolest stores in Reno, Junkee specializes in recycled clothing, antiques, funky vintage wear, and costumes. You can seriously spend all day exploring the shop.

The Nest – A boutique specializing in vintage clothing and furniture, The Nest is located on the quirky Dickerson Road and a fun place to shop for something unique.

Clothes Mentor – Clothes Mentor is an affordable women’s resale store that sells gently used name brands and designer items. This is a great place to shop sustainably while searching for your next favorite outfit.

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