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Walk on the Wild Side With These Animal Experiences

There’s more to Reno Tahoe’s wild side than what you find downtown. Venture outside the city limits for some animal encounters that give a whole new meaning to walking on the wild side. Cheetah races, wild horses and birds of prey all call the area home. Grab your camera and get ready for any (or all!) of these amazing wild animal experiences in Reno Tahoe.

Animal Ark

Located north of Reno, Animal Ark is a wildlife sanctuary whose residents include bears, tigers, several species of birds of prey and even cheetahs! The sanctuary works to not only provide a safe haven for non-releasable wildlife but also provides special programming and educational tours. Animal Ark is open to the public for self-guided tours and also holds special events, like the Tiger Talks and Cheetah Dash.

Wild Horse Tours

Chances are, one of the things that comes to mind when you think of the West is wild horses. Several bands of wild horses roam free near Reno Tahoe and seeing them is an awe-inspiring treat. A guided wild horse tour will give you a chance to watch these majestic animals in their natural environment and also provide for some amazing photo ops.

United States Wolf Refuge

The United States Wolf Refuge in Sparks works to promote and protect the welfare of all wolves and wolf hybrids. Even though their facility is not open to the public, they are a great account to follow on social media if you’re looking for even more canine content in your Instagram feed.

Raptor Adventures

Catch a unique glimpse into the world of birds of prey. Raptor Adventures gives guests the opportunity to get up close and personal with a hawk, falcon, and owl. A Licensed Falconer will teach you the biology, conservation, field identification, traits, behaviors, natural history and importance of raptors. Then, get fitted with a gauntlet and join a trained hawk on a walk! Raptor Adventures is open to the public, by reservation only.

Bird Watching

One of the most popular events in early spring is Eagles and Agriculture in Carson Valley. Calving season at area ranches attracts birds of prey, ranging from bald eagles to red-tailed hawks and more. During the event, you can take part in photography outings, presentations and the Falconers Dinner. If you can’t make it to Carson Valley for this event, don’t worry, Northern Nevada is rich with birding opportunities. The rivers, lakes and varied landscape make it an interesting place for birdwatchers to explore.

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