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Cheers! Local Craft Beer and Food Pairing Suggestions

Our happy hours are looking a bit different these days but since most breweries in Reno and Sparks are offering curbside pick-up and many local beers are available at the grocery store, you can still enjoy your favorite local beers, paired with your version of a gastronomic masterpiece. Whether you’re a burgeoning home chef, embracing the chance to try new recipes, or more of a microwave-to-table kind of cook, consider pairing your culinary creations with beer from one of our Reno Tahoe breweries.

Reno Tahoe Craft Beer and Food Pairing Suggestions

Calling all Lager Lovers

The light and refreshing qualities of lagers make them a perfect pairing for spicy foods, as well as burgers or salads. Some local favorites include The Burner, a Bohemian pilsner from The Depot, or Secret Cove Cerveza, a crisp Mexican-style lager brewed by 10 Torr.

Dark and Mellow

For fans of brown ales, like the Dirty Wookie from Brewer’s Cabinet, fire up the grill since this brew pairs well with barbecue, as well as pork and fish. Normally we love this beer after a day in the mountains, but for now, you can crack one open as you channel your inner backyard grill master.

Cray for IPA

It’s no secret that IPAs are having a moment, and there are plenty of great options to choose from at Reno breweries. You can’t go wrong with the classic Icky from Great Basin Brewing Co., but Revision Brewing is well-known for its award-winning IPAs and the Citra Solo IPA from Lead Dog is a palate pleaser. Pair these hoppy brews with steak or fajitas. For IPA lovers seeking a truly Nevada-inspired flavor, try Pigeon Head’s Silver Sage IPA which pairs well with chicken and fish.

The Power of Sour

Sours are often touted by those in the culinary world as a very versatile style of beer, but the pairing suggestions often include cheeses, salads with citrus vinaigrette or even a dessert. IMBĪB brews a few sours, including their Black Currant Nevada Weisse and Apricot Nevada Weisse, both naturally soured and aged with real fruit.

If you’re more of a wine lover, Reno Tahoe wineries like Basin and Range Cellars and Nevada Sunset Winery are also offering curbside pickup so you can pair a bottle of your favorite local vino with whatever you’re cooking up in the kitchen or on the grill.

In the end, it’s all about what you like so feel free to break the beer/food pairing rules! And with so many breweries in Reno Tahoe, the options for treating your taste buds are nearly endless.

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