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"Pin Setting" Completes Reno's Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame


Reno’s satellite to the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame, located in the National Bowling Stadium, got a touch of local artistry this week.
Funded by the City of Reno Arts & Culture Commission, Reno artist Eileen Gay created the 700-pound sculpture, Pin Setting, in less than four months. Gay worked seven days a week for the last two months of the project, constructing the eight-foot pin, perfecting the bowling ball which is five-feet in diameter and covering approximately 120-sqaure-feet of space with detailed mosaic.  
“I’m drawn to creating works that feel like a natural fit for their site, but that also factor in some sort of magic touch to make the sculpture seem to take on a life of its own,” said Gay. “As for Pin Setting, I really enjoyed creating both the subtle coloring for the pin, the pencil, proclaiming quietly, ‘bowl,’ and the loud, crazy coloring for the ball positioned in that impossible pose. I look forward to it being in a lot of our visitors’ snap shots!”
Pin Setting puts the final permanent touch on Reno’s International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame. The facility opened at the National Bowling Stadium in April of 2012, and is the only satellite of the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame based in Arlington, Texas.  
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