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Joe Kelley Named


Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority Vice President of Facilities Joe Kelley was recently named “Person of the Year” by “Bowlers Journal International.” The publication, which has been in circulation since 1913, cites “insiders” who praised Kelley’s efforts in putting together a deal that will bring United States Bowling Congress tournaments to Reno’s National Bowling Stadium through 2030.
“While I feel honored to receive this recognition from ‘Bowlers Journal International,’ it is really the entire community of policy-makers in the area who earned this award for northern Nevada,” said Kelley. “This award is for the resort owners who allowed the improvement fee to be added to their room charges; the City of Reno who made a commitment to improving conditions at the National Bowling Stadium; the Nevada State Legislators who helped give Reno authority to improve our facilities for incoming bowlers and tourists from all walks of life; and, to the residents who all help to make our visitors feel welcome here in Reno Tahoe USA.”
“Bowlers Journal International” highlighted a five-year, $15 million improvement project at the National Bowling Stadium in its analysis of selecting Kelley as its “Person of the Year.” The upgrades include replacement of the 78 primary competition lanes, installation of 10 “Showcase” lanes on the first floor, video display enhancements and an expansion of the squad room used by competitive bowlers. The publication notes that these improvements were a crucial factor to the new agreement which continues the USBC’s partnership with the RSCVA and the City of Reno. The USBC Open Championships and the USBC Women’s Championships are both being held in Reno this year, and are projected to bring more than 115,000 bowlers, friends and family members to the area this year, resulting in a projected economic impact of more than $200 million between March and July.

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