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Reno Tahoe USA Unveils New Convention App for Meeting Planners and Attendees


RENO, Nev. (October 19, 2012) — The Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority is helping convention planners define the future of their events, by providing a multi-platform application that gives the planner total control. The RSCVA is now offering qualified meeting planners a customized app that will not only keep attendees more informed, but also allow organizers to update information as needed throughout the course of an event. The complimentary service represents more than a $10,000 value and provides an avenue for planners to engage a wider demographic of attendees.
“It’s very exciting to offer what is becoming a critical piece of technology that will help meetings become even more successful in Reno Tahoe,” said John Leinen, RSCVA vice president of convention and tourism sales. “This app gives meeting planners total control of their information, and also allows attendees to be more informed and more connected with their colleagues via the social media platforms. This is going to help create a sense of community for upcoming meetings in Reno Tahoe, simultaneously helping the client, and the destination, build on its brand.”  
Meeting planners will be able to fully customize the app’s features to include company logos, maps, schedules, key sponsor information and areas of interest throughout the Reno Tahoe area. Attendees will be able to add key speakers and exhibitors to a personal reminder list, and they’ll also have access to share their experiences on Twitter and Facebook while using the app. A photo album can also be created within the app, where only attendees can post and view pictures as the convention progresses.
The planner is in control of the specific app for an event and can log in from any computer or mobile device. Administrators can make changes as needed and the changes will immediately be updated for every user, making the confusion of a canceled speaker or a change of venue a thing of the past.  
Post-event feedback can also be generated through the app, giving attendees a simple way to express what pieces of the event were successful and what could be done better next year.  
Meeting planners seeking more information can call John Leinen at (775) 827-7608.

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