Reno Tahoe Sample Media Itineraries

Reno Tahoe is more than slot machines and blackjack tables. We've got tall mountains and flat deserts, snow in the winter and sunshine in the summer, major department stores and mom and pop shops. Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it all in Reno Tahoe.

We've got hiking, biking, rafting/kayaking trips - from easy family hikes within minutes of downtown Reno to multi-day backpack adventures in the High Sierra.

If exploring the area isn't your style, then check out what's in style by shopping at kitschy arts stores and giving yourself a little retail therapy. 

Reno Tahoe truly has something for everyone. Feel free to schedule your own trip or check out these sample itineraries:

  • Retail Therapy

    Retail Therapy

    Reno has an overabundance of shopping choices from nationally known department stores to outlets and unique boutiques and shops. If your hearts starts to pound when you think of shopping, then get ready for the trip of your life!  View More

  • The "Lake"

    The "Lake"

    No trip to Reno Tahoe, is complete without a visit to the shores and mountains of Lake Tahoe. View More

  • Family Fun

    Family Fun

    Families visiting Reno Tahoe, can choose from a wide variety of activities to make their trips memorable and fun. View More

  • Romance


    If you are in the mood for a little romance, Reno Tahoe is the perfect getaway. View More

  • The River

    The "River"

    Downtown Reno is in the midst of an urban Renaissance. Through a comprehensive program of redevelopment, private investment and rehabilitation, the downtown corridor has been improved to bring more shopping, eateries and pedestrian-friendly spaces, as well as recreational features. View More

  • Historic Past

    Historic Past

    Beyond certain unexpected turns, there are side-roads that trace countless journeys in an age of exploration and discovery. Passageways that resound with the joys and sorrows of those who once traveled here. These secret places of history exist in present-day northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe, if you know where to look. View More

  • Pyramid Lake

    Pyramid Lake

    There is nothing more magical than the drive to Pyramid Lake. Words like "awesome" or "breathtaking" do not fully capture the experience. Many people who discover Pyramid Lake for the first time describe a feeling of being completely at peace. This vast sapphire jewel nestled in the desert mountains is completely different from the Tahoe experience and must-see while in the Reno area. View More

  • Virginia City

    Virginia City

    In 1859, placer miners and prospectors in the western Great Basin made two amazing strikes of gold and silver ore near Virginia City.  The Comstock Lode, as people soon called the ore body, resulted in what would today be billions of dollars in riches.  View More

  • Facts and Statistics

    Destination Highlights

    Reno Tahoe is your family-friendly getaway, offering tons of fun for kids and adults alike. Add some of these Top 10 attractions to your travel itinerary:. View More

  • Reno Nightlife


    There is no better way to celebrate an excellent day in Reno Tahoe USA, than with a night out on the town. Visitors looking to shake things up will find a diverse selection of ultra lounges, clubs and bars here. Whether you plan to hit the casino floor or the dance floor, Reno-Tahoe makes it easy to burn the midnight oil.  View More