Lake Tahoe House Rentals

Lake Tahoe House Rentals

Lake Tahoe house rentals are a way for people visiting Reno Tahoe to do more and see more. Visitors from all over the world head to the lake for its crystal-clear blue water and miles of sandy, tree-lined beaches all year long. Vacation rentals vary depending on the season and what side of the lake you’re staying on, but for the adventurers who work hard and play harder, they’re sure to find some Lake Tahoe lodging that will help them live in the moment. From Tahoe cabins, full homes, and summer and winter ski leases, Lake Tahoe vacation rentals help you make the most of your getaway, whether it’s a place to recharge after a long day on the hill or on a boat. Your next adventure starts here.

Tahoe Cabins

Reno Tahoe prides itself on being a limitless destination and grabbing a cabin in Tahoe is just the beginning. Tahoe cabins range from small, single-story A-frames for the road tripper who wants to unplug, to luxury lakefront escapes; they’re where visitors experience what lakeside living is all about, so go ahead and relocate for a weekend… or a week. While you’re in the area, make the most of your time by shopping at one of the many boutique shops that offer souvenirs and art classes, rent a stand-up paddleboard or kayak, charge down the frosty slopes, try your luck at the casino or rent a boat and lounge on the lake. In other words, find a Lake Tahoe cabin rental and experience limitless adventure or limitless relaxation. The choice is yours.

In the summer, Reno Tahoe is where you will find exhilarating views from some of the world’s most epic mountain biking trails. In the winter, hit the slopes, enjoy great shopping or try out some of the local ice skating rinks. This is where America’s largest Alpine lake meets the Biggest Little City in the World. Tahoe house rentals, cabin rentals and condominium options are everywhere, and they’re the perfect way to live and play like a Lake Tahoe local.

Tahoe Summer Leases and Tahoe Ski Leases

If you’re making your way towards Lake Tahoe from Reno, be sure to stop by Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe and Diamond Peak Ski Resort, both located minutes from both downtown Reno and Lake Tahoe. From world-renowned skiing on some of the best snow in the world, to hiking trails that lead to killer peaks, views of the valley and the Sierra Nevada–it’s enough to make you want to move here. We get it. There are a ton of vacation rental options that are in close proximity to a number of ski resorts in Lake Tahoe.

Reno Tahoe is where worlds collide. From mountain peaks that pierce the sunny skies to endless desert vistas, Reno Tahoe bustles with life all year long, so booking your lodging early is a good idea. In summer, the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor takes over the beach with exciting professional productions of Shakespeare and other classics for more than 25,000 patrons each year, and when you’re at the lake, don’t forget to check out a few of the signature breweries and bars like Alibi Ale Works, The Local and Rookies, serving up cold beer and great drinks you can enjoy on-site or take home (from Alibi) as a reminder of your trip.

While Reno Tahoe is all about the desire to dream and explore, who’s to say it can’t be from your cozy home away from home? A walk through the pines or a lounge chair on the beach—Reno Tahoe is about you doing you. And from one of the many Tahoe rentals offered in the area, you can do just that on your uniquely-you, don’t-limit-me terms.

Lake Tahoe cabin rentals and vacation rentals are a short drive from Reno-Tahoe International Airport and give you the opportunity to enjoy both Reno and Lake Tahoe throughout your stay. In Tahoe, cabins are tucked away behind droves of Jeffrey, Ponderosa and sugar pine trees, but are close to the neon lights and 24-hour energy of The Biggest Little City, so you can go big before you go home.

Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals

Lake Tahoe Airbnbs, VRBOs and other home-sharing clubs are a popular option for last-minute visitors as well. While vacation rentals in Lake Tahoe are available through many real estate and property management companies around the lake, they book quickly so visitors can benefit from other options.

North Lake’s laid-back culture and outdoor-loving communities are the perfect mix for explorers to experience wildlife, nature and a little urban grit. There will be an excellent Reno Tahoe rental to fit your ideal stay—in the woods, on the lake or in the middle of the city.

We don’t do one-dimensional and neither should you. Let us help you plan your Reno Tahoe vacay so you can try something new. Explore Reno Tahoe vacation rentals.

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