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Magic Theater Circus Winter Dreams Reno

Winter Dreams

Sierra Marketplace
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Dec 6, 2019 - Dec 22, 2019

The most unusual, most breathtaking and most hilarious performers come together in Reno for the first time ever. Winter Dreams is a perfect blend of modern entertainment with Olde World artistry. Audiences of all ages will gasp in amazement as they witness the extraordinary skills honed by years of dedication and training. Part of what makes Winter Dreams so unique is that once you enter our whimsical tent the show surrounds you — you might even become part of the interactive entertainment before the show is over!

Prepare to be amazed by magical disappearances, inspired with magnificent aerial dance, endeared by talented tail-wagging friends, bewildered by physics-defying contortionists, acrobats and jugglers, entertained by hilarious clowns, and to become completely emerged into the breathtaking experience of Winter Dreams.

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