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Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry
Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry

Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry

Virginia City
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Mar 17, 2018

The “Testicle Festival!”

The historic mining town of Virginia City go “nuts” for St. Patrick’s Day! The event features marching leprechauns, green attractions, and Rocky Mountain Oysters (yep – beef and sheep testicles). It’s a fun-filled day of unique eating as professional and amateur cooks compete for the most creative and unique dishes utilizing these unique delicacies.

More than 20 cooks from around the West serve up tasty testes by grilling, frying or smoking them in delectable concoctions that make you forget what you’re really eating. It’s a full-on Irish Testicle Festival with a beer garden, live Irish music, individual and team ball-eating contests, parade and the Leprechaun Bar Crawl. Dress up in your most outlandish St. Patty’s Day garb and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Virginia City!

The event is free to the public, but tasting package are available to purchase for sampling these “delicacies.”