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Off Beat Music Festival

Midtown Reno
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Sep 30, 2021 - Oct 2, 2021

Off Beat Music Festival – 3 Days of Music Discovery

There are still discoveries to be made! There are new, unknown, unheralded bands to see before they blow up and have their songs blasting in every earbud, before they’re headlining every festival and are selling out every venue from Tokyo to Tulsa. There are new songs to hear, in places you’ve never heard them. Songs that will and notes that, played live, will have a different charged energy, that will never be heard in the same way ever again. There’s the food you’ve never had from the chef of that one restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. I mean, you never even knew half these bands and restaurants and venues and artists were even here in the Biggest Little City.

That’s the spirit of the Off Beat Music Festival. It’s a citywide, multi-venue festival that’s all about discovering the amazing new things being created right here in Reno – music, food, art and more. Performances are at a mix of venues from small bars to large theaters, creating a “festival crawl” where you have the option of discovering new music from a choice of 80 performances over 3 days at different locations around the core of Reno. Go off the beaten path and make some new discoveries.

The 2021 festival line-up is coming soon!

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