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National Championship Air Races

Reno Stead Airport
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Sep 12, 2018 - Sep 16, 2018

Named the #1 Air Show in America (2017) and a Top 10 Air Show in the World (2016) by USA Today readers.

The National Championship Air Races combines the world’s fastest motor sport with spectacular military and civilian air entertainment to offer the most unique air racing event in the world. This exciting, one-of-a-kind event showcases six different classes of race planes and up-close access to aircraft, pilots and crews in the “pits”. Gather your friends and family and experience the roar of planes as they streak past you at just 50 feet from the ground. It’s an experience you’ll never forget! The Air Show performers include The Patriots Jet Team, The Screamin’ Sasquatch Jet Waco from John Klatt Air Shows and Smoke ‘n Thunder Jet Truck. Demonstrations will also include the F-16 Fighting Falcon as well as an F-35 leading the Heritage Flight. Scroll below for more details.

  • On your feet face action with Unlimited and Jet classes reach speeds over 500 mph!
  • Close-up access to racing aircraft, pilots and crews in the “pits.”
  • World-class air performers.
  • National Aviation Heritage Invitational vintage aircraft display
  • Aircraft and product displays.
  • Extraordinary military aircraft displays.
  • Loads of great concessions and merchandise.

2018 Tickets, Parking, Shuttle Service:

General Admission tickets and Pit passes can be purchased starting at the end of December, 2017. Reserved seat tickets will be available to purchase in March, 2018. See the 2018 event schedule (the schedule will not be available until late Summer). For Box Seats, call 775-972-6663. Parking and shuttle information can be accessed here.

2018 Performers (subject to change):

The Patriots Jet Team will headline this year’s performers. The Screamin’ Sasquatch Jet Waco from John Klatt Air Shows will perform aerobatics, along with the Smoke ‘n Thunder Jet Truck. Demonstrations will also include the F-16 Fighting Falcon as well as an F-35 leading the Heritage Flight.

  • Patriots Jet Team: The story of the Patriots Jet Team, the largest civilian-owned aerobatic jet team in the western hemisphere, features pilots who were formerly part of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and U.S. Navy Blue Angels. The volunteer pilots all share the same genuine passion for entertaining audiences at air shows and other events, while also encouraging the nation’s youth toward careers in the aviation and aerospace fields. The Patriots Jet Team, unique in its kind, represents an all-encompassing blend of passion, inspiration, integrity, and professionalism, and captivates audiences from all over North America with their exhilarating aerobatic performances.
  • The “Screamin’ Sasquatch” Jet Waco from John Klatt Air Shows: Starting life as a classic 1929 Taperwing Waco, the aircraft of barnstormers in the 1930’s and 1940’s, it has been completely redesigned and structurally reinforced using modern day engineering, materials and technology. Powered by a Pratt & Whitney 985 radial engine and a General Electric CJ610 (J85) jet engine, it has a combined 4,500 lbs of thrust and can reach speeds of 250 mph. A three-bladed Hartzell propeller is used to harness the power of the 985 radial and allows the plane to achieve feats such as snap rolls, spins, barrel rolls and the hover. The plane has a thrust ratio of greater than 1-to-1, which allows it to accelerate going straight up.
  • Smoke ‘n Thunder Jet Truck: The Hot Streak II is a twin jet engine 57 Chevy Pickup capable of speeds of 350+ mph that has entertained fans across the country for over 20 years and is currently driven by Hayden Proffitt II. It has two 2-Westinghouse turbine engines, recused from a Navy T-2A Buckeye Airplane with 25,000 horsepower. It delivers a ground shaking, heart-pounding performance equipped with an afterburner that fires 20-foot flames and produces billowing smoke and mini sonic booms.
  • Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing: In honor of promoting patriotism and the celebration of the 75th anniversary of World War II, the CAF SoCal will provide a spectacular aerial demonstration of World War II fighter aircraft Thursday through Sunday at the Air Races. The performance will feature a B25, F8F-2 Bearcat, F6F Hellcat and Mitsubishi AM63 Zero and will include a mock dogfight and aerobatics.
  • F-16: The Air Combat Command F-16 Viper Demonstration Team performs precision aerial maneuvers to demonstrate the unique capabilities of one of the Air Force’s premier aerial multi-role fighters, the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-seat, multi-mission fighter with the ability to switch from an air-to-ground to an air-to-air role at the touch of a button. With its lightweight air frame and powerful General Electric engine generating 31,000 pounds of thrust, the F-16 can fly at speeds in excess of Mach 2.

See general information about the National Championship Air Races.

See a clip of the high-flying, seat of your pants, action that you can expect to see!