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Cirque Le Noir Eldorado Casino Resort

Cirque Le Noir

Eldorado Casino Resort
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Jun 28, 2017 - Aug 27, 2017

Enter the captivating world of Le Noir, an extraordinary evening of intimate cirque style entertainment starring some of the most incredible acrobatic acts on earth. Audiences will be immersed in an amazing visual feast using metaphors of white, red and black to describe the diverse range of our personalities.

Carefully engineered with the deliberate intention of making the audience a part of the entertainment, the set designers have spent several months perfecting the blueprint. With a carefully crafted stage set coupled with the talent of Creative Producer Simon Pointer, Le Noir explores emotions through colors as the cast transforms from beautiful and pure white, then explores the passion of red, culminating with the darkness of Le Noir.

Twenty two of the very best performers from all four corners of the globe, many of them formerly from Cirque du Soleil, are the centerpieces of this production and will enthrall crowds in this spellbinding theatrical journey spanning the three key color themes. Le Noir accentuates the darker side of these colors using not only the acts on stage but of every audience member as well. The content is surreal, beautiful, seductive and at times hilariously risqué. The production is fast-paced, extremely funny and above all, entertaining.

With incredibly displays of balance, contortion, stamina and aerial artistry exhibited by the cast, Le Noir is a journey are sure you will enjoy.

Monday-Tuesday – Dark
Wednesday – Thursday – 7pm
Friday – 8pm
Saturday – 5:30pm & 8pm
Sunday – 2pm & 5:30pm

Performance schedule subject to change

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