Horseback riding Reno Tahoe

5 Things to Do With Your Extra “Fall Back” Hour in Reno Tahoe

Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 4, at 2 a.m. It’s the magical time where you get a precious gift from Father Time, an extra hour to do anything you want… or sleep an extra hour. Here in Reno Tahoe, a 24-hour city with adventure around every corner, we have plenty of ideas on what to do during the Fall Back extra hour.

Saddle up

Get back to the region’s Western roots when you take in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains from the back of a horse. Schedule a horseback ride through some of the thousands of acres of public lands begging to be explored. Fall’s cooler weather and vibrant colors bring a whole different side of adventures that you and the pals can go on. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this is the perfect way to experience a peaceful trot along the trails in Reno Tahoe.

Experience incredible eats

In Reno Tahoe, your Fall Back hour might be the best time to discover the delicious food we have to offer around here. At Fin & Filet, you can bring your friends and family and eat like it’s the holidays year round. Try the surf & turf, coconut shrimp or the rack of lamb, you’ll leave satisfied and wanting to come back for more. Use your extra time to take a trip up to Tahoe and try out the Copa Bar & Grill. Their signature smoked prime rib, surf and turf combinations or pasta big bowls are sure to leave you satisfied.

Scavenge for crystals and gems

A whole hour gives you so many options to choose from when it comes to the outdoors. If you’re looking for something unique, head down to one of our many mines in Reno Tahoe to hunt for some gems! Just some of our hidden gems include quartz crystals, turquoise, opals, garnets and more. Check out this rock hounding guide and start planning your adventure. Happy hunting!

Happy Hour

Now that you’re feeling more rested from that extra hour of sleep, it means you can also enjoy all the happy hours in Reno Tahoe! Turn that extra Fall Back hour into Happy Hour. Good luck choosing a favorite out of the several local seasonal beers on tap in Reno Tahoe. From a maple-infused farmhouse ale to a stout aged in bourbon barrels, you’ll leave your bar stool with a new appreciation for fall.

Treat yourself

What better time to recharge than when you have an extra hour to do it? Reno Tahoe has a variety of luxurious spas where you can treat yourself to a massage or facial (or both!) and then spend the day lounging and relaxing. If it’s something more adventurous you’re seeking, explore one of the area’s many hot springs, from hot spring resorts to remote locations, nothing eases away tension like a soak in a natural hot spring.

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