Simon Backpacking Kitty Mount Tallac Lake Tahoe

Find Your Purr-fect Adventure.

Does your BFF have fur? Bring them along on your getaway to Reno Tahoe!

Bringing Cat-titude to the Great Outdoors

Are you and your furry best friend inseparable? We get it. Our pets are often the best travel and adventure buddies! Luckily, there are plenty of pet-friendly things to do in Reno Tahoe. Follow along as Simon, aka Backpacking Kitty, and his owner JJ Yosh get meowtside and discover all the region has to offer. (Spoiler alert – this cat actually LOVES the water!)

Simon Backpacking Kitty Kayaking Lake Tahoe

From pet-friendly hotels and an urban dog park in downtown Reno to endless trails and water activities, planning a trip to Reno Tahoe with your pet is totally doable. Simon and JJ paddled around Lake Tahoe, rafted the Truckee River, hiked one of the area’s tallest peaks and mountain biked on the famously beautiful Flume Trail. Is your sidekick less of an adrenaline junkie? That’s ok too since there are plenty of pet-friendly ways to relax and explore.

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Paws-itively Perfect Views to Share

Whether you’ve got four legs or two, there’s a trail for every level.  Simon and JJ took advantage of the trails that let you see the lake from every angle guaranteeing they would get an Instagram worthy picture. Try out the Monkey Rock trail; yes, you read that right. Is it a monkey living on the rock or a rock shaped like a monkey? Guess you’ll have to get up there to find out. Trust us, it’s the views that take your breath away not just the higher elevation.

Simon Backpacking Kitty Mount Tallac Lake Tahoe
Simon Backpacking Kitty Hiking Lake Tahoe
Simon Backpacking Kitty Hiking Lake Tahoe

 See every side of Reno Tahoe exploring the trails Reno has to offer. From the top of Mt. Tallac to Huffaker Park Loop, your options are as limitless as the views.

Simon Backpacking Kitty Rafting Truckee River Reno

Who says you need to be a Doggy to Paddle?

Don’t be a scaredy-cat! A variety of whitewater rafting tours on the Truckee River are available with Sierra Adventures. Visit their location along the river in downtown Reno to see all of the tours they offer. If you’re more of a pick your own adventure type, there are plenty of places to take a more leisurely float along the river. Race the rapids or go with the flow, both are easy to do on the Truckee River. Let the currents drop you into downtown Reno and take your taste buds on their own adventure. Picking the best place for dinner and drinks might be the hardest part of your day.

Simon Backpacking Kitty Paddleboarding Lake Tahoe

Best View of the Lake is on the Lake

Cat’s out of the bag – Tahoe’s beauty lies in the crystal clear water. Rent a kayak and explore Sand Harbor or Kings Beach and see for yourself. Get in a workout or paddle slowly, taking in the beauty of Lake Tahoe has to offer. Let the sun warm you up and then maybe find the perfect spot on the beach for a quick cat nap. Each beach is unique but you’ll have to visit yourself to find out why.

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