2019 Miss USA Reno Lake Tahoe

Boldly Go in Reno Tahoe

What better backdrop for the 2022 MISS USA event than one of the most diverse and beautiful places in America. From Lake Tahoe’s pristine waters to the endless skies that stretch over the high desert and the vibrant energy that fills downtown Reno, there’s so much to fall in love with in Reno Tahoe. Whether traveling with a group of lifelong friends, family or simply craving an adventurous weekend getaway, this region has something to offer everyone.

Miss USA Hiking

A Dose of Fresh Air

In Reno Tahoe, there are plenty of ways to reconnect with nature. Take a stroll along the Reno Riverwalk or paddle the waters of Lake Tahoe. Find hiking trails just minutes from downtown that will have you feeling like you're a million miles from the bustle of city life. After all, nothing clears your head better than our fresh mountain air!

Explore the Outdoors
Miss Kentucky USA Jordan Weiter Mural Reno

Paint the Town

Home to more than 60 larger-than-life murals, Reno's Midtown District is brimming with art. Take a guided mural tour or simply stroll at your own pace and discover these colorful pieces. Even more murals can be found throughout downtown, along with Reno's Neon Line and the Bicentennial Sculpture Park. Talk a walk and find something truly magical!

Arts and Culture
Miss SD Miss TX Hotel

Beauty Rest

We all know how important it is to get your beauty rest and re-energize yourself for another day full of adventure! Reno Tahoe has over 100 different hotels, vacation rentals and Airbnbs. Stay in the heart of the city for the glitz and glamour or wake up to views of Lake Tahoe and serenity. Discover our lodging options below.

Get some Z's
Big Truck Miss Arizona

Your Swagger is Showing

This is a place where ambition is rewarded and swagger is encouraged, and you need the right gear to pull it off. Whether you want to answer the call of the mountains or relax along the Truckee River, this Reno Tahoe x bigtruck® hat will ensure you fit right into our authentic, energetic culture.

Find Your Style
Lex Nightclub Mobile

Dance the Night Away

In the land of no last call, it's time to put on your dancing shoes for a night of fun. Grab your gals and listen to some of the hottest DJs and entertainers or put on your boots and learn to line dance Saturday nights at Novi's Lounge. In Reno Tahoe, when the sun goes down, that's when the party heats up.

Just Dance
Ice Cream Louis Basque

Bites and Brews

Looking for a quick, sharable snack? Need a little caffeine to get you going in the morning? We have you covered. You'll find a diverse selection of cuisine and an abundance of coffee shops offering locally-roasted brews. No matter how long you're in town, you won't have to order the same thing twice... unless you want to.

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