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Your Dream Bucket List in Reno Tahoe

Meet Jess.Wandering and EverChangingHorizon— two adventure-loving, travel addicts whose goals in life are to get out of their comfort zones and push the limit. For Jess, Reno Tahoe was just a childhood memory filled with the scent of pine sap, hot sand that felt like lava and the cool, majestic waters of Lake Tahoe. It wasn’t until she saw a billboard in Seattle of Reno local Breeze Turner paddleboarding on that majestic lake she so fondly remembered that she decided it was time to return and breathe deep that pine-scented air. So how do two wandering souls live a life untethered in Reno Tahoe? Keep reading to find out!

Surf the River in Reno

Catch a wave in downtown Reno

Yep, you read that right! You can surf the Truckee River in the heart of downtown Reno! If that isn't your thing, there's bound to be other brave souls nearby willing to take it on - so sit back and watch. Continue exploring the Riverwalk through downtown and grab a coffee at Hub Coffee Roasters or a pint at the Sierra Taphouse. Whatever you decide, not only is surfing the river a bucket list item, but it comes with some serious bragging rights!

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Flume Trail

Mountain Bike the Flume Trail

It's time to take your comfort zone to new heights. The Flume Trail is a moderate 14-mile ride and offers the best views of the Lake Tahoe's Nevada side on the east shore. It does ride close to a steep drop off, so be warned if you are afraid of heights! However, as the Reno Tahoe saying goes, "No Guts. No Story." Rent a bike from Tunnel Creek Cafe and take their shuttle up to Spooner Summit to begin your ride. Once you're done, enjoy a cold one in the cafe. After all, you earned it!

See it in 360°

Relax in the Sun at 6200'

After a long morning of exploring downtown Reno or biking the Flume Trail, it's definitely time to relax along the shores of North Lake Tahoe. Bonsai Rock, Sand Harbor and Chimney Beach are all located on the east shore along Hwy 28 and offer the most amazing views — perfect for a lazy afternoon of basking in the sun and cooling off with a dip in those refreshing waters.

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Emerald Bay Sunrise

Watch the Sun Rise Over Emerald Bay

If there is one item on your bucket list you need to mark off, it's seeing the sunrise over Emerald Bay. One of the most photographed and recognized locations on earth, this place is awe-inspiring at any time of the day. However, an added bonus of arriving early is having the view to yourself. If you are feeling ambitious in the morning, make the trek down the nearby Rubicon Trail to D.L. Bliss State Park for more incredible vistas.

Hiking Trails

Meet Jess Wandering and Ever Changing Horizon

Jess and Quin are some of the top travel photographers and storytellers in the business. Out to forge their own path and inspire others by capturing diverse and remote landscapes, these two are always on the hunt for the next extraordinary experience that is bound to stay with you long after you've returned home.

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