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Sand Harbor

Situated just minutes from Incline Village—and just a short drive from Reno—but giving the impression of being a world of its own, Sand Harbor is easily one of Lake Tahoe’s most photographed and visited spots.

Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe

Its crystal clear waters reveal brilliant sand that was formed by decomposing granite over millions of years. Look further and you’ll see perfectly-formed round boulders that perch peacefully on blue waters that gently lap against the shore of the secluded beaches. This scenery at this half-mile stretch of beach within Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park is, in a word, stunning.

Sand Harbor Park Fees

Open every day from 8 a.m. (or 7 a.m. in summer months) to just after sunset, Sand Harbor welcomes visitors to explore its trails, beaches and recreation areas. Admission is discounted for residents of Nevada. On-site parking is included in the admission fee, but is limited. Nevada State Parks does not allow visitors to park along the adjoining Highway 28 and walk-in traffic is not allowed. A shuttle, the East Shore Express, delivers guests from nearby Incline Village to the park multiple times per day.

Learn more on the official website at or at the Sand Harbor Visitor Center at (775) 831-0494.

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare never intended people to merely read his plays, but rather to experience them in a live setting. For this, there’s no better venue around than the one found at Sand Harbor. Each July and August, the park comes alive with Elizabethan wordplay—and a little swordplay—as part of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.

It’s not all about Shakespeare, however. In 2023, the event is set to host a stage version of ”Little Shop of Horrors” for showgoers who can kick back at a picnic table or on the lawn while enjoying wine, dinner and a two-part show: the one on the stage and the one put on by Mother Nature at the sun sets over Lake Tahoe in the background. Other performances include jazz concerts, rock shows and Shakespearean performances from local youth actors.

Sand Harbor Beach Amenities

Fact: Sand Harbor beaches simply can not be matched anywhere else at Lake Tahoe. Offering easy slopes and shallow pools, the beaches here are perfect for all ages and recreational levels, while offering calm waters, a pristine shoreline and plenty of opportunities to catch up reading and relaxation.

The park’s main beach stretches nearly one-half of a mile and is one of the most photogenic spots in the West. While some like to kick back and take it easy on the beach, others enjoy scaling and leaping from the nearby boulders into the chilly but refreshing waters of Lake Tahoe. The area features public restrooms, a visitor center, picnic tables and group area for all types of gatherings.

What To Do at Sand Harbor

Swimming and sunbathing are no-brainers at Sand Harbor beach, especially in the heat of summer when nearby valleys are too hot and visitors flock to its shores to cool down. Hikers can enjoy the adjacent East Shore Trail for some relatively easy strolls amidst evergreens and unique rock formations. The more adventurous can partake in SCUBA diving in these perfectly clear waters while a nearby boat launch allows for on-the-water exploration from a generally calm launch area. Sand Harbor rentals include kayaks and paddleboards for an easygoing morning or afternoon in one of the lake’s most tranquil spots. When you’re hungry, an onsite cafe serves up snacks like hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches.


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