Reno Tahoe Itineraries

In Reno Tahoe, everything you need is just a 10-minute drive away. From the beautiful Truckee River White Water Park and the Riverwalk district in the heart of downtown, to the stimulating home of our AAA baseball team, Reno Aces Stadium, and the inviting outdoor shopping districts of Sparks and south Reno, there’s no doubt you’ll find the leisure activity you’re looking for. Local bars and casinos keep things interesting 24-hours a day, and world-class entertainment is always just a phone call away.

Reno Tahoe USA is a destination with a diverse collection of amenities in a compact geographic region. Lake Tahoe is consistently voted as one of the most beautiful places in the U.S., even the world, and its shores are less than an hour away. Eighteen world-class ski resorts, many of which are enjoying transformational investments in attractions and infrastructure, and more than 50 golf courses are all less than 90 minutes away from the airport.

To make things simple, we have put together a plethora of information in the attached itineraries. Activities have been mapped out according to time, distance and type of activity. Please feel free to mix and match the options, creating the best 1-day to 5-day tours for your groups. Reno Tahoe is a fun and adventurous place to bring your groups, so please enjoy the following.

  • Full Day Itineraries

    Full Day Itineraries

    Can’t decide what to do or were to go, click here for full day options to fill your needs. We provide choices within Reno and outside the city up to 65 miles away. View More

  • Half Day Itineraries

    Half Day Itineraries

    If you have only a few hours to spend in Reno or want a few ideas that will take a half day or less, click here for some possibilities. View More

  • Annual Events

    Annual Events

    Reno has over 300 events per year excluding all the entertainment and shows available. Some events are free and a few may have a small cost associated with them, either way you'll love all Reno Tahoe has to offer! View More

  • Group Travel Activities

    Group Travel Activities

    If your group is looking to partake in a little adventure, whether it’s soft or full throttle, Reno Tahoe has something for everyone. View More

  • 2 and 3 day Group Tours

    2 and 3 day Group Tours

    We have taken a little of this and a little of that from each category to create several 2 and 3 day itineraries for the Reno Tahoe area. View More

  • Family Fun

    Family Fun

    Families visiting Reno Tahoe, can choose from a wide variety of activities to make their trips memorable and fun. View More

  • Historic Past

    Historic Past

    A distinctive experience awaits our visitors; an experience associated with people, places, learning and ideas; places and activities that authentically represent the rich western heritage of Northern Nevada. View More

  • Romance


    If you are in the mood for a little romance, Reno Tahoe is the perfect getaway. View More

  • Retail Therapy

    Retail Therapy

    If your hearts starts to pound when you think of shopping, then get ready for the trip of your life! View More

  • Pyramid Lake

    Pyramid Lake

    This vast sapphire jewel nestled in the desert mountains is completely different from the Tahoe experience and must-see while in the Reno area. View More

  • Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe

    No trip to Reno Tahoe, is complete without a visit to the shores and mountains of Lake Tahoe. View More

  • Truckee River

    Truckee River

    Through a comprehensive program of redevelopment, private investment and rehabilitation, the downtown corridor has been improved to bring more shopping, eateries and pedestrian-friendly spaces, as well as recreational features. View More

  • Kimmie Candy FREE Factory Tours

    Candy Factory Tours

    The Kimmie Candy Factory staff give FREE factory tours here in Reno Tahoe USA!
    Mon-Fri 10am-2pm. View More

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