Reno Tahoe Weather

Lake Tahoe Is looking prime for White Christmas adventures for Locals and Travelers. Our reporters on the front lines are calling in data as we speak: over a foot in the last 24 hours @ Squaw Valley. More coming down!!!”

Tahoe CamsSo you’re sitting in your cozy office in East Whereversville USA and want to know if this is the weekend to hike, fly or drive out to Tahoe for some rip roaring skiing or snowboarding. But you’re worried that your trip will be ruined by LACK of nasty, cold, stormy weather with HEAVY snow followed by STUNNING bluebird views of the lake…

Well never fear, here are some links to make it easy for you to pick a day when the heavy snow falls, and you can wake up and rip sick powder face-shots in the sun!

  • easy to read and lots of good tools.
  • kinda techy, but you can get storm animations. this is where local TV and most websites get their data.
  • Snotel: A network of automated weather and snow monitors around the country. Marlette Lake is a few feet above Tahoe on the East Shore.
  • TahoeCam: see current weather conditions all over Tahoe!
  • MagnifEYE: Want to SEE the traffic, snowcover (or lack thereof) on I-80 before you head up to the lake? Check out the Kingvale pic…


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