Be the eNVy of your friends with RENO ENVY gear

RenoENvyTIt’s sometimes hard to put your finger on what makes Reno Tahoe such a special place. We sometimes talk about the number of ski resorts and mountain bike trails, and the concerts and the ballpark and the shopping. That’s stuff that other places have, but what makes Reno Tahoe … better?

Well, it’s about a feeling. If you’ve felt it, you know. It’s like the feeling you get when you are in on a joke, or you have a perfect experience – like the perfect cappuccino or something. Those of us who live here know it, and those of you who visit frequently know it.

Since 2005, Scott Dunseath and his crew of proud Reno-ites have attempted to capture the feeling of Reno Tahoe in a clothing line called RENO ENVY. Of course, the clothing is a play on Reno, Nevada, but it is also an outward expression of this hard-to-describe feeling.

Locals in our fair city wear this clothing with pride – poking fun at the sometimes misdirected, sometimes accurate impression that Reno outsiders have about the place we proudly call home. RENO ENVY just launched a new Web site – and great place to get the gear to make your friends envious. Check it out.

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