What’s Brewing in Reno Tahoe? Favorite Local Coffee Shops

In Reno Tahoe, coffee isn’t just another drink, it’s a way of life. Our local coffee shops add a personalized spin to lattes and cappuccinos, creating unique and incredible beverages. Everything from espresso shots to French press coffee and pour over techniques make up the caffeine choices in our community. Check out these trendy coffee spots you have to try while in town.

Coffee Bar

Inspired by the coffee bars found on every street corner in Italy, Coffeebar was founded on the principles of providing the highest quality coffee and food in a café environment. This cozy bar shares a true passion for excellence in their coffee and most important, an appreciation for life best lived.

Lighthouse Coffee

Lighthouse Coffee began with one location in Sparks, but have expanded three locations in the Reno-Sparks area. Their second location brought a specialty coffee shop to south Reno, which was craving a local coffee shop, and their third spot overlooks the Sparks Marina. The south Reno store offers French press, pour overs and reverse siphon, each of which gives a different flavor, texture and coffee drinking experience. Their coffee is freshly roasted and you can even buy beans to enjoy at home.


Whether you find yourself craving a hot brewed coffee in the colder months, or an iced one to enjoy on the patio on a warm day, Höma’ge can make it happen. No two drinks will ever be the same thanks to the shop’s innovative coffee making techniques. Try their Latte Miel with an eye-catching design or their Iced Dirty Chai Latte (meaning it has a double shot of espresso) to keep you feeling awake all day long.

Old World Coffee Lab

Dedicated to the pursuit of all things coffee, Old World’s caffeinated drinks range from specialty drinks to hand-brewed items tailored to your liking. Try their perfect combination of milk and espresso with a simple but delicious cappuccino, or experience the Vanilla Lavender Latte for a flavor unlike any other you’ve tasted before. Purchase their brand coffee in store or by visiting their site.

Hub Coffee Roasters

In 2009 Hub Coffee Roasters started in a little garage located in Midtown Reno. The cafe quickly became a common-grounds for creative, passionate, and friendly people, local or foreign—a hub, if you will. They have come a long way since then, now located along the Truckee River just west of downtown Reno and roasting their own coffee! Visit one of their retail locations. Be it a sweet and creamy cappuccino or a fine and delicate tea, you’ll love how Hub Coffee Roasters fills your cup.

Reno’s coffee scene is experiencing a serious jolt in growth, with many local shops roasting their own coffee beans. Some area roasters include Hub Coffee Roasters, Old World Coffee Lab, Magpie Coffee Roasters and Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company.