Winter Kayaking update

During the last few weeks I have really revved up the time in my kayak. We still have low water, though it looks like storms are finally coming, but nonetheless the kayaking has still been good. Like usual I have been boating at least a few days a week with my buddy Jason Craig. He is paddling really well and he some how always seems to make my time on the water more fun.

This last Saturday was the annual Christmas Party at Patagonia for the Sierra Kayak Club. Taylor Robertson put on a really good slide show, and if I had to guess, I would say that there were at least a couple hundred people there. Very cool.

Last week I went out for a day with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, because they are putting together a seminar on Chucker hunting and they wanted to video me and my dogs. We got some great video, did a radio interview, and I think that over all they were very happy. What can I say, my dogs have got skills!

Right now I am fighting off a cold so I am not planning on paddling for at least today. I went to the store and got all the cold fighting vitamins that I need. The way I see it; between my cold killing immune system and a few vitamins for help, this cold is wishing that it had found a host in some other body. And that’s a fact!

So, hopefully in my next update I will be telling stories of high water.

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