Weather to Bike or Ski?

That was the quesion I asked my husband Saturday morning. Only in Reno! Well, the fact is there is still lot’s of snow, and the weather was also biking weather. We figured we’d take advantage of the warm sun, since it wasn’t supposed to last, and because March wouldn’t normally be the best time to bike.

So where to go? We decided we’d try a new ride, so we headed down to Washoe Valley and climbed up into the Jumbo Grade area. To get there, you just take East Lake Blvd into New Washoe City, and when the houses start to thin out (about 4 miles) you look for Jumbo Grade Rd on the left.

Beside the historical value, it is a great place to ride. And this year was extra fun–seemingly because of the snowmelt there was lots of water everywhere. The ride is generally a climb up to the old mining town of Jumbo, and you could continue on to Virginia City if you wanted to. The views were fabulous as soon as we climbed enough to be able to see a bit. It offered a whole new perspective of Mt Rose, Slide Mountain and the Sierra’s along Washoe Valley. The vegetation was great, and it was apparent that there had been lots of water in the season.

This ride presents lot’s of great views and lots of creek crossings. Actually, there are a few places where you have the choice to either go up the road which has over time been relocated farther up the side of the hill, or just ride up the creek itself. We went up the creek–and were amazed that neither one of us ended up falling/stepping in the water! The roads were generally in good condition. In fact, there was still snow all over the place, except for the road–that is, until we had climbed about 4 miles from the start and reached a point where there were two options: 1) Either put tracks on our bikes so that we could make it up the snow covered road with muddy ruts where the motorcycles had already gone, or 2) Decide to have lunch. We chose the later. To our great delight we also were able to find a single pinon pine nut to eat, ashamed that after so many years in Nevada we really didn’t know the season for the nuts, but happy that one was still preserved somehow by the winter weather.

We eventually did the downhill back to the car–and all day with shorts and a t-shirt. What a day!

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