Watching that snow pack

The last few weeks has been fun in the sun here in Reno. The fair weather boaters are coming out of the wood work and it is fun to see everyone on the water. Despite the warmer weather the river really hasn’t come up very much but because of our poor snow pack it might not come up much higher this year. Jason Craig and I have been boating a bunch together, as usual. We have been shooting some video for the new Jackson Kayak promo video, and that has been fun. I don’t often video myself, so I am always surprised how good looking I appear on video. Hmmmm?

Last weekend Lisa and I went up to Eugene to finalize things for our wedding, and I am happy that we don’t have to do that again. I am looking forward to it though as it will be right on the river and all of our friends can spend the day kayaking if they wish. I know that I will be.

This week it is back to training hard. I just registered for the Worlds which is now only weeks away. So, that was kind of a reminder of what is soon to come.

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